Weekend Recap: Let’s Here It For The Boy(s)!

by Courtney Sirotin on June 18, 2012


The heavens aligned on Friday and Dylan was an absolute dream on the plane. I EVEN read an entire US Weekly!

IMG_4119 (640x480)

Technology, my hero.

Leaving for New Hampshire was bittersweet. I had to say goodbye to our house, which was a little emotional. More importantly, I had to say goodbye to this guy:

IMG_4121 (640x640)

Won’t see him for a month! He’s already hard at work getting our house packed up and I guarantee he will have the new house unpacked and completely set-up before I get back. That’s just how he rolls.

We had an early flight which meant the day was still young when we arrived in New England. My niece, Julia, was spending the night with us so it was great that Dylan had an instant friend. They bonded over driveway chalk.


Julia and Dylan were joined by two more cousins on Saturday morning when Parker and Trevor were dropped off for the day (and night) while my sister and her husband celebrated their anniversary. If a grandmother award could be handed out, this lady would win it:


Jason decided he wanted to send Dylan a video message every day that they are apart. Saturday morning Dylan received the first one and I decided I would record Dylan watching the videos every day for Jay. Here was the first one!

Later in the day I went for a walk with my mom, sister and four out of five dentists cousins. I popped Dylan into the double stroller and he made himself right at home. Good thing Parker is used to having his personal space invaded.

IMG_4124 (640x480)

This was dinner. Dylan and Parker had a lot of bonding time!

IMG_4135 (640x480)


Sunday, today, is Father’s Day. Here’s Dylan watching his second video from Jason:

He watches these videos on repeat and laughs every time!

Anywhere you looked this weekend there were babies and toddlers lounging about.

IMG_1828 (640x480)

My dad picked up some big bubble wands and we had an early morning bubble blowing party. This might be one of my favorite videos of all time:

I’m also including this one because Kelly insisted she is exceptional at making bubbles. Here’s proof that she is not (above video excluded, because she was pretty darn good in that one).

We had a Father’s Day cookout and at one point Dylan was off by himself picking leaves on this tree. It was precious.

IMG_1841 (640x480)

IMG_1842 (640x480)

And of course I got a video of it. You can expect a surplus of videos in my posts while we are away…they are for Jason.

Here’s the other man I was celebrating today. The original dad in my life! I like this picture of him looking out over his land, in which he takes great pride. People joke about dads and lawns…but stereotypes have to start somewhere!

IMG_4142 (640x480)

(Not pictured is my father-in-law, Russ, who I am also celebrating today. Happy Father’s Day, Russ!)

Everyone left mid-afternoon. I took Dylan on a run so that we could both unwind. When I got back I showered and then gave him a bath. He was filthy.

Dylan is not used to so many people or so much action (its usually just the two of us!) so he really enjoyed just watching one of his DVDs and chilling out for a while.

IMG_4144 (640x480)

I’m going to wrap it up here because Jay just called and wants to know when I’m hitting “publish”. (He’s anxious for the videos of Dylan!)

Over and out!

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JASON SIROTIN June 18, 2012 at 3:13 am

Great post. Love the videos!


RUSS June 18, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Thanks for thinking of me on Fathers Day little lady. Love you, Russ


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