Weekend Recap: Lions and Tigers and Lost Boys…Oh, My!

by Courtney Sirotin on August 13, 2012

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Our weekend kicked off a day early with a trip to the Center of Puppetry Arts to see Aesop’s Fables. The center was also having a Jim Henson exhibit so we got to rub fur with some classic puppets.

IMG_2355 (640x480)

Dylan was a little afraid of Big Bird.


The puppets are pretty dingy up close. You can tell they’ve been well loved. I kind of got goose bumps here:

IMG_2366 (640x480)

We arrived and found our seats a little too early so we left the theater and camped out in a big, empty room where Dylan could get his wiggles out before the show.

IMG_2380 (640x480)

We also did this:



We couldn’t take pictures during the show but it was amazing! Dylan actually sat still and was captivated through the whole production. We’ll be seeing all their shows now that we know how great it is there.



Both of my boys went to bed hungry Friday night. Sad smile Jay, because he didn’t have anything he wanted to eat in the house, and Dylan because he had to poop during dinner and it turned him off to the whole ordeal. I woke up Saturday determined to make a big breakfast. On the menu: coconut flour pancakes, blueberry sauce, bacon, sausage and eggs. My boys were happy indeed!

IMG_2401 (640x480)



We went to a great farmer’s market after breakfast. They had tons of produce, baked goods, granolas, oils, sauces, meats, cheeses and other specialty items on one side of the street and an artisan’s fair on the other.


Later, after Dylan’s nap, I expected we would have a lazy afternoon at home, at the most maybe venturing out to dinner. But then…Jay got called into an unexpected meeting near Zoo Atlanta. One thing quickly led to another and before I knew it, I was lugging Dylan through the zoo while Jay was in his meeting. How crazy are these pictures?

IMG_4795 (640x480)

Dylan was nose to nose with this lion for a good five minutes

IMG_4796 (640x480)

I have to tell you about what happened to me at the zoo. It was awful.

I needed to get Dylan some lunch because it was almost 4 pm and he still hadn’t eaten. I found a cafeteria-style building near the Pandas that I would normally try to avoid because it was so hectic, but it was my only option. Dylan was in his stroller as I made my way through the food line, but when I got to the register and went to pay, I discovered HE WASN’T THERE! Dylan was no longer in his stroller. He had somehow shimmied out of the straps and was nowhere in sight.

I dropped everything (literally) and screamed, “Where is my son!?” Get this – a lady two people back in line pointed toward the door and said, “I think he went that way.” She had seen him escape and didn’t bother to tell me! I scanned the room and didn’t see him anywhere so I ran toward the door and that’s where I found him in the process of escaping the building as people were on their way in. It was a frightening experience to say the least.

Then we went to see the giraffes.

IMG_4799 (640x480)

If nearly losing my son in a zoo filled with wild animals was the low point of my day, the high point was watching his face fill with unfettered joy when he got to ride the carousel. You’ll have to take my word for it because all I captured in this picture was how hot and sweaty I was…

IMG_4802 (640x480)

The weather cooled down in the early evening, so when we got home we hung out outside and Dylan played with the hose.

Jason and Dylan did what they do…

And then Dylan made dinner:

IMG_4805 (640x480)


Sunday kicked off with a play date! Our friends, Jase and Davina, came over with their daughter, Zara. We put out a small spread of Paleo-friendly munchies:

IMG_2427 (640x480)

I made fun of Jay for including the label from the chocolate bar on the platter, as if it was a fancy wine or something. He got me, though, because when Jase saw the chocolate on the plate he immediately asked Jay what percentage it was. (Very dark chocolate is Paleo-preferred).

IMG_4811 (640x480)

Zara liked playing with Dylan’s drum!


Happy group shot:

IMG_2436 (640x480)

And one with Dylan wailing:

IMG_2438 (640x480)

I can’t quite remember what sparked that particular meltdown but he was on edge all day so it could’ve been something as mildly distressful as a draft tickling his neck.

These two kiddos could be related:

IMG_4814 (640x480)

After Dylan’s nap we rented bikes and rode along the Silver Comet Trail. I look horrible in this picture but I’m including it because Dylan looks so funny in the trailer. He threw a fit getting in but ended up having a good time once we got moving.

IMG_2439 (640x480)

We indulged in frozen yogurts after the ride and then stopped by Toys R’ Us and a party store to pick up some supplies for Dylan’s upcoming birthday party.



I do declare, that is the last of my pictures!

When we got home it went: bath –>; play –>; dinner –>; play –>; bed

And now, bed for me too! Good night!

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DONNA August 21, 2012 at 11:15 am

Wow! That was a great post! While reading it I felt like I enjoyed the weekend with you! Boy, did we have fun! Except for when I felt your pain at losing Dylan for an instant! He is fast! He had a great birthday weekend , even if it wasn’t his official party yet. The puppet show looked awesome! Your breakfast looked delicious. Jay and Dylan playing was really cute and I love the last picture with the pail on your head! Everyone looks so happy and healthy in the pictures. You have a beautiful family! Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday to Dylan! I am looking forward to your September visit!


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