Weekend Recap: Moving Up and Lying Low

by Courtney Sirotin on June 4, 2012

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Limbo land continues as we still don’t know where we will be living in a month, only that it will not be here. That’s a little terrifying where “a little” is quantified as “very”. Still, there’s an air of excitement in our house as we know we are on the cusp of many adventures. Along with the move, Dylan and I are headed to New Hampshire in two weeks where we will be spending a month with my family (sniff sniff…we will miss you so much, Jay…). I probably mentioned this many times before, but most of my family members work in schools and have their summers off, so it’s the perfect time for Dylan and I to have an extended visit as we can spend a lot of quality time with everyone there.

A quick technical note: If you tried to visit the blog this weekend you may have been met with a warning that it could harm your computer or something scary like that. Rest assured, I am not out to get you. (or am I? hahahahaha). The problem is fixed now but it might take a few days for Google to reevaluate the site and remove the warning. For the curious among you, the problem resulted from a spam comment that contained a bad link but it wasn’t actually on the site and was never an actual threat. The comment was deleted by my automatic spam catcher but I hadn’t permanently deleted it from my WordPress account so Google interpreted it as a threat…or something like that. Bottom line is I need to clean out my spam folder more often.)

Moving on to the weekend!


My Saturday began with bacon and Baby Einstein, obviously. Didn’t yours?

IMG_3949 (640x480)IMG_3953 (640x480)

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed Dylan is with the Baby Einstein DVDs? He has the collection and would watch them on a nonstop loop if I let him.

IMG_3951 (640x480)

Later in the morning we went to a farmer’s market.

IMG_3957 (640x480)

Dylan had fun getting to know all the dogs milling about but this guy was a little intimidating.

IMG_3959 (640x480)IMG_3961 (640x480)

Dylan also delighted in watching Jay juggle rocks!


And, of course, seeing a train go by. I was about to apologize for putting yet another video of Dylan watching a train go by on the blog until I realized, because of our upcoming move, this may be the last one for a long, long time. I don’t think trains are as prevalent in most towns like they are in Cartersville.


Back home Dylan napped and I munched on some of our new veggies while I did work on my computer. These purple beans were crisp and made me feel healthy. Too bad I followed them up with a cookie…

IMG_3963 (640x480)

(Something about that picture disturbs me.)

We hung out around the house in the afternoon. It was beautiful outside…not too hot…so I insisted Jason take advantage of the weather and his brother stopping by to go play disc golf. Jason always has so much work to do that it’s a novelty when he can do something fun. Of course, now he is telling me he regrets losing ground on his to do list, but, as I just told him, you only live once.

Closing out Saturday, here’s a cute video of Dylan doing this new thing where he screams really loud and then sits on the floor, repeatedly. I only thought to record this after he’d done the scream/sit combo ten or so times before.



Dylan woke up Sunday morning and immediately secured two pieces of technology.

IMG_3970 (640x480)

He simultaneously worked an iPhone and an iPad while Jay and I looked on in bleary resignation.

I forgot to take pictures throughout the morning but all you missed was some playing outside and a trip to the grocery store. Dylan’s babysitter came for two hours in the afternoon so that I could get some work done. Halfway though my designated work time our internet went out, but I couldn’t go downstairs to reset the router without upsetting Dylan so I downloaded pictures from my iPhone instead. I snapped this picture of me snapping a picture. Its totally meta.

IMG_3979 (640x480)

(And that facial expression is to express my annoyance with the internet.)

Jason was at a meeting in Atlanta most of the day and then when he came home he only had about twenty minutes before he had to go out to another meeting. I decided Dylan and I would tag along and grab dinner somewhere nearby while Jason was in his meeting. Dylan was determined to hold on to this football in the car and then brought it into the restaurant too. I’m including this picture strictly for his grampa.

IMG_3988 (640x480)

I told the waitress Dylan and I were on a date and she suggested we snap a picture.

IMG_3990 (640x480)

Dylan did great at the restaurant! He was agreeable, calm and quite pleasant. Jason’s meeting was going long, and Dylan and I had grown tired of the restaurant, so we left and I took him for a walk in the stroller. I got him a cup of water for the walk which was fine at first because he was thirsty but it quickly turned into a struggle when he insisted on taking the cover on and off.

IMG_3991 (640x480)IMG_3992 (640x480)

He was completely soaked by the time we left the parking lot.

We ran into another grocery store when Jay got out of his meeting and then came home. Dylan is now in bed asleep. It was a quiet weekend overall but soon they will be busy so I will appreciate the calm while it lasts.

Happy new week to you all!

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RUSS June 5, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Good weekend & Google gives you a clean bill of health….. Love you, Russ


COURTNEY June 6, 2012 at 3:29 am

Thank you for catching the warning!


SARAH June 6, 2012 at 1:32 am

I would love to see you when you are home. Let me know the dates!


COURTNEY June 6, 2012 at 3:29 am

I’ll be home from 6/15-7/15! Would LOVE to see you too!


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