Weekend Recap: North To South

by Courtney Sirotin on April 9, 2013

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The weekend took Dylan and I from New England on Saturday to the South on Sunday when we made the trip back to Georgia.


Dylan and I met up with Katie and her dog, Lucy, for a walk around Portsmouth on Saturday morning. We had plans to also meet up with my sister, Kelly, and her family, but she was running late so we started our walk without her.

IMG_0968 (640x480)

Dylan loved having Lucy as a walking companion.

IMG_0966 (640x480)

We stopped in a toy store to get out of the cold for a while. Lucy came in the store too, and it made me wonder, is it weird that Lucy is better “trained” in a toy store than Dylan? She was much more considerate of the merchandise and other patrons than Dylan!

IMG_0972 (640x480)

IMG_0975 (640x480)

I suppose that might be reversed if we were in a dog treat store.

My sister and her family arrived around lunchtime so we all went out to eat. We had some wine and a relatively relaxing lunch, which was nice!

IMG_1024 (640x480)

My nephew, Ryder, was in a middle school production of Annie this weekend so my whole family met up for the afternoon performance.

Mom and Trevor:

IMG_0983 (640x480)

Dylan likes watching himself in my camera phone!

I ended up leaving with Dylan a few minutes into the play because we had horrible seats and couldn’t see anything. He was tired and just wasn’t in the frame of mind to sit through a two hour play with no view of the stage. I’m sorry I missed the performance but glad I got to eat a piece of Ryder’s celebratory cake anyway. Winking smile

IMG_1009 (640x480)

The reviews are in and Ryder did a great job in his role as a shoe shine boy!

IMG_1011 (640x480)

Alana and Trevor:

IMG_1003 (640x480)

My whole family gathered back at my parents’ house after the play. My mom made a ton of food and everyone hung out while I packed.

IMG_1005 (640x480)

I sure have a lot of pictures of Trevor from Saturday! He is very cute…and also, he stays still. Those are two very attractive characteristics when choosing a subject!

IMG_1006 (640x480)

In a rare calm and cuddly moment, Dylan climbed up on my Dad’s lap with Julia:

IMG_1013 (640x480)

It was SO SAD to say goodbye to my family this weekend! I don’t think I’ll be seeing them again until August so I hugged everyone extra tight! Sad smile


Sunday was our travel day. We had an early flight, which I like because I can handle anything better in the morning. Dylan was so good on the plane! He totally has this flying thing down.

IMG_1036 (640x480)

He spent most of the flight playing with letter stickers.

IMG_1030 (640x480)

IMG_1032 (640x480)

IMG_1033 (640x480)

The boy loves letters. No joke. Know what else he likes?

This guy:

IMG_1040 (640x480)

I do too. Smile It was so great to be reunited with Jay! I wish we lived closer to my family so that we didn’t have to be apart so often. It is always extra special to be together after one of my trips to New Hampshire, so I guess that’s an upside to all this travel!

We made our way home by way of the grocery store and spent the rest of the day hanging out and getting in lots of hugs and belly tickles…(Well, Dylan got them anyway…)

IMG_1042 (640x480)

And now…back to life as “normal”…whatever that is. Winking smile

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CAROL April 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm

You and Dylan had a great visit home! Thanks for sharing! It also looks like you made the snow disappear up there! Nice clear deck!


KATIE April 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm

I miss you so much already!!!


DONNA April 13, 2013 at 12:22 am

It was great having you and Dylan at home! It is always an extra special time for everyone to get together when you are here! I love being able to spend time with my Dylan. He is so bright and adorable and growing so fast! I am looking forward to your next visit. Until then, enjoy!
Grammy misses you and says it is too quiet without you! We loved seeing the pictures!
Update for Carol: The clear deck was short lived. It is snow-covered tonight!


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