Weekend Recap: Playing Hard

by Courtney Sirotin on March 12, 2012

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We kept ourselves entertained and played pretty hard this weekend.


Trevor was here when Dylan woke up on Saturday. Dylan is starting to show interest in other babies and was going around the house doing the sign for baby. Its funny to see him holding Trevor in this picture because 3-month-old Trevor looks just as big as 18-month-old Dylan! Remember how small Trevor looked in my arms?

IMG_2562 (640x480)

When my mother brought Trevor home I took Dylan to a local park to kill time before we could meet her at the mall. He fell in an icy/slushy puddle so we couldn’t stay too long. An outfit change was necessary. You would be shocked how often I have to change his clothes on any given day!

IMG_2567 (640x480)

Dylan made the coin-operated ride circuit at the mall:

IMG_2253 (640x480)IMG_2260 (640x480)IMG_2254 (640x480)IMG_2258 (640x480)IMG_2264 (640x480)

(Parent Tip: Don’t go to the mall with a toddler without a change of clothes and a pocket full of quarters.)

I ran around the mall and tried to find a few new things while my mother entertained Dylan. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet but Dylan and I are going with Jay on a work trip to LA in early April. I want to try to gather some new clothes for the trip so that I don’t feel too out of place there, though I’m sure I still will. I seriously have no cool clothes and even when I set out to find some I can’t do it. For starters, I have a horrible sense of fashion. I also have sensory issues and can’t stand the way 90% of clothes feel on my body. I’m also in a weird place (mentally? physically?) where I can’t get away with junior’s clothing but I’m still not drawn to grown-up women’s clothing. Basically, I need a stylist. Not being able to wear open-toed shoes and having gigantic feet doesn’t help my situation out either. I’d like to find a few casual dresses but I can’t find any comfortable, close-toed, not ugly shoes in my size to wear them with. I’m perpetually stuck in jeans, sneakers and sporty shirts. BORING! Anyway, I did pick up two shirts and a couple new facial products which I’ll share in a minute…

When we got home my mom made Dylan dinner while I laid out my loot to take pictures.

IMG_0364 (640x478)

Here are the shirts:

IMG_0376 (640x478)

And here are the facial products:

IMG_0378 (640x478)

As I was taking these pictures my father watched on and questioned why anyone would care about my new shirts and skin products. He doesn’t read blogs and isn’t really grasping the concept. I tried to explain that this blog is my place to write about all the unimportant things in my life that are totally important to me. He still didn’t get it.

IMG_0383 (640x478)

Then I decided to try on my new shirts because I hadn’t shown them to my mother yet. Here’s the first one:

IMG_0398 (640x478)IMG_0400 (640x478)

I mainly got it because I like the back. This is totally one of those shirts that I will try on for Jay, ask him what he thinks of it, and will be met with radio silence. I have a knack for picking out clothes that make him barf. Jay, are you reading this? What do you think of these shirts?

Here’s the second one…it’s totally “Courtney” (aka safe and sporty):

IMG_0401 (640x478)

While I was putting on a fashion show my mother and Dylan played their new favorite game. They chase each other around the kitchen in circles:

IMG_0389 (640x478)IMG_0390 (640x478)IMG_0391 (640x478)IMG_0385 (640x478)


My poor sister, Kelly, and her two babies all have the flu now so my mother spent the day at her house to help out. I wanted to get out of the house so I dragged my father to Wolfeboro, NH (where Jay and I got married!), about 25 minutes away, for lunch and to walk around.

IMG_0426 (640x478)IMG_0419 (640x480)

We ate at a pizza place and then went down by the water so that Dylan could run around for a bit.

(Parent Tip: Boat docks and running toddlers are not the best mix.)

IMG_0406 (640x478)

We also ran into a grocery store where Dylan flipped out because he didn’t want to ride in the shopping cart. After a bit of a scene, I sent my father to the car to regroup while I ran through the store with Dylan standing in the cart and trying to climb out. It was messy but we got it done.

Once home, Dylan and I stayed outside and played some more. It was nice out and he had pent up energy so it seemed like the best thing to do. We started by blowing bubbles and playing with our shadows:

IMG_0450 (640x478)

Then moved on to driveway chalk:

IMG_0490 (640x478)

IMG_0462 (640x478)

Things took a turn when Dylan discovered this puddle and proceeded to splash, fall, splash, fall and eventually sit down and soak himself in it.

IMG_0492 (640x478)

We went inside where I stripped him down and drew him a bath. He played with this creepy green monkey while he waited for the tub to fill up:

IMG_0500 (640x478)

My mother arrived home after Dylan’s bath and the rest of the day was filled with playing, eating and cleaning. I’ve been trying to get Dylan excited about Play-Doh for a while now but I’m still enjoying it much more than him:


And that concludes my weekend recap! We have a lot going on this upcoming week so I’ll be back soon with more unimportant things to share with you!

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DONNA CUSHING March 12, 2012 at 3:23 am

I treasure these times with you and Dylan at home, Courtney. Dylan is having the opportunity to be with his extended family and enjoy some New Hampshire fun like his mom had growing up. It has been a busy week with THE BUG going around but it has been a good week with you. And this week we will celebrate your birthday and Parker’s birthday. We have a blessed life! You bring so much joy into our world!


JASON SIROTIN March 12, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Looks like fun. Missing you both!


COURTNEY March 13, 2012 at 12:16 am

Radio silence


RUSS March 13, 2012 at 1:56 am

And now for RADIO RUSS! I like both the shirts BBUUUuuut, my favorite is the first one with the back you like. VERY stylish and a good eye on your part. Great color matching also. Love you Doll, Russ


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