Weekend Recap: Running In Sludge

by Courtney Sirotin on December 4, 2012

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This recap is late because my computer won’t start 🙁

I’m writing from Jay’s old Mac and it takes a painfully long time to create a blog post on a Mac, especially one with pictures. I use Windows Live Writer to create posts on my PC and its a breeze, so blogging on a Mac, which doesn’t support WLW (and doesn’t have an equivalent program for blogging) is like trying to run uphill in sludge. I hope I can get my computer fixed soon but I’m running out of days before I leave for New Hampshire so it may get put off. Thankfully, I use my mom’s computer when I am there and its all set up with my favorite programs so I’ll be all set in the meantime.

About that weekend…


The three of us are traveling next week so we had a low-key weekend. Unfortunately, we are traveling in different directions. Dylan and I are headed to New Hampshire while Jay is headed to LA. I’m so jealous because I’ve never been there. He’s actually going for work so I don’t think he’s expecting to have a ton of fun, but that’s okay because later in the week he’s traveling again to New Orleans for a well-deserved mini-vacation with some friends. He’ll be joining Dylan and I in New Hampshire closer to Christmas.

Saturday morning kicked off with a trip to a park. Parks are hit or miss with Dylan. He played for about twenty minutes and then walked back to the car by himself. Apparently, he was done!

We went to Twisted Taco nearby for lunch.

Its a great spot to eat with Dylan because the booths have TVs and – get this – cages! He can’t escape!

In the afternoon, after Dylan’s nap, we popped by a Christmas event and tree lighting ceremony in Kennesaw.

I feel like I post pictures of Dylan riding ponies at these kind of events every other week, but here’s another one!

Saturday closed out with a trip to Whole Foods where we spent a ton of money on just a few things, as is the norm for that store. We only go once every couple of months and I usually have a list things I’ve read about on other blogs that I want to try. Of course, we always get giant salads when we’re there too. It all adds up!


Dylan woke up at the ungodly hour of 5 am on Sunday. I put on one of his favorite cartoons (Little Curious) to try to buy some time to wake up. My plan backfired because they were finger painting on the show and that made Dylan want to paint so by 5:30 am my morning was looking like this:

Poor bugger looks tired!

I then tried to make homemade playdough but it didn’t turn out so great. My mom makes the best playdough so I’m going to have her teach me how to do it during my visit.

Also noteworthy on Sunday morning was this little visitor we found in our raspberries!

Cute…and also, ewwww!

Because Dylan will not be at his house on Christmas morning, we wanted to get him a few special presents before our trip. We went to Toys ‘R Us later in the morning and let him explore the store. We were open to getting him just about anything (within reason) so we let him show us what appealed to him. He liked this car for a while…

But ultimately expressed the most enthusiasm over a doll house! We got him a very elaborate doll house and extra furniture for all the rooms. He was pumped!

This is the one:

(I’ll do a separate post on the doll house sometime. Its super cute but its maddening trying to keep track of all the little pieces!)

I planned a surprise date for Jay Sunday evening. Dylan’s babysitter arrived around 4:30 pm and Jason and I set out on an adventure.

Its not that big of a deal, but I’ll explain about the date.

Jason read and enjoyed David Sedaris’s book, Santa Land Diaries, a few years ago. I noticed a good deal for a performance of it at Horizon Theater in Atlanta on Scoutmob a few weeks ago so I got us tickets. I decided to make it a surprise just because I could and Jay likes surprises, but I warned him to manage his expectations because going to see a play isn’t super high on Jay’s list of favorite things to do. He generally likes performing in plays much more than sitting through them.

I had never been to the Horizon Theater so I wrongly assumed it would be sort of fancy, like the Fox theater, but it was actually quite understated. For example, here is the lounge where we awkwardly drank wine before the show:

Jay was happy with the surprise. He agreed that if he had known he was going to a play in advance he might have started to dread it, but having it sprung on him made it more fun.

We enjoyed a couple drinks and then took our seats. The stage:

It turned out to be a lot of fun and the performances were excellent! We both really enjoyed the experience but did sprint out just a couple of minutes early because Jay’s bladder was bursting.

On that note…

bye bye


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CAROL GLOSKI December 4, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Can’t wait to see you all at your Uncle David’s!! Because of your blog, I should be able to figure out what Dylan is talking about if he takes us on a trip of his home and what he does there!!!


MARN January 12, 2013 at 6:23 am

I came over from the comment you left on the cville article. It seemed like you wanted feedback on your blog based on your comment. Now that I’ve skimmed through your blog I wonder what you want feedback for. Your blog is very much like an online journal, which is fine but if you want feedback so you can get more readers/advertisers whatever here’s my 2 cents.

1. Fix the layout of your site. It feels quite cluttered and unorganized.
2. The keep reading links make me leave a blog quickly.
3. Shorten your posts. This was ridiculously long.
4. Find an angle. I read many lifestyle/mom blogs (not KERF) and what they have in common is this; there is something about them that makes them stand out from everyone else. Whether it’s their perspective (Mormon blogger), photography, writing skills, unusual lifestyle etc there’s something decidedly not average about them that draws people in.

Again I’m left with the question what did you want from people when you left your blog link on the cville site???!


COURTNEY January 12, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Thank you for the great feedback! You make some good points. I’ll think this over.


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