Weekend Recap: Say, “Meat!”

by Courtney Sirotin on January 7, 2013

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Before I kick off the recap I want to share that a film that Jay produced has been soaring up the iTunes chart and I’m so proud of him and his company! At the time of this writing, The Perfect Human Diet is currently the #1 Independent Film, #1 Documentary Film and #10 Top Selling Film on iTunes! Check it out here on iTunes or here on Amazon!

(The film, among other things, discusses the benefits of a Paleo-type diet, hence the name of this post.)


On Saturday, Jay —

IMG_7102 (640x480)

— and I —

IMG_7101 (640x480)

wanted to have a date, but our babysitter was only available in the morning so we had to have a day date. Its kind of hard to think of romantic things to do at 11 a.m. but we had a good time just being alone together. We got coffees, ran a few errands and had an amazing lunch. I have a new favorite restaurant!

IMG_7098 (640x480)

The restaurant, Genki, is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

IMG_7111 (640x480)

The meal was special because everything I ate was both familiar and innovative. For example, we ordered a Portobello mushroom and spinach salad for an appetizer, which sounds pretty standard, but the spinach was flash-fried and crispy. It had an amazing sweet and savory sauce on it and the spinach leaves literally dissolved on your tongue in a totally addictive way.

IMG_7105 (640x480)

My main dish was a Japanese BBQ chicken with veggies and Udon noodles. Again, the sauce was incredible and the noodles were thick and doughy!

IMG_7106 (640x480)

Jay ordered ribs that he loved as well.

IMG_7109 (640x480)

After lunch we stopped by Trader Joes. Jay kept and eye on the iTunes charts while we shopped, which might explain his reaction to this evil bread:

IMG_7114 (640x480)

Now, I totally support Jay and believe in the Paleo diet, but I’m a punk so what was the first thing I put in the cart?

IMG_7115 (480x640)

If muffins are wrong I don’t want to be right. Winking smile

Later that afternoon (post-date), we took Dylan to a park and had a great time hanging out as a family!

IMG_7116 (640x480)

Cute video of Dylan trying out a new feature at the park:


My boys:

IMG_7135 (640x480)

Take 2:

IMG_7139 (640x480)

How do kids go sledding in Georgia? On grass of course!


Family portrait. Isn’t it “grate”? Ha!

IMG_7129 (640x480)

(joke credit: Kenton Van Natten.)

We also grabbed dinner at a restaurant right new our house. Gosh, it seems like we eat out a lot but we really only do it on weekends.

IMG_7141 (640x480)


Sunday, in honor of this:

IMG_7179 (427x640)

I made these:

IMG_7151 (640x480)

Don’t be fooled; those are actually Paleo-friendly pancakes! What’s more, they are unique because they’re made of only two ingredients! (Well, three if you count the blueberries, but I added them at the last minute for aesthetics). The recipe is simply 2 bananas mashed with 2 eggs to make 6 pancakes. They take longer to cook then normal pancakes but process is identical.

IMG_7152 (640x480)

I enjoyed trying this new recipe (I’ve been seeing it all over the blogosphere) but I don’t think I’ll make it again. It wasn’t anything exciting and I’m not a huge pancake person anyway. Jason liked it because it was sweet without needing syrup but agreed that it wasn’t worth making again.

After breakfast, Dylan destroyed what his father built:

Around noon we set out to run errands and grab some lunch. Our first stop was the computer store where I traded in my new computer for a different model. I couldn’t stand the mouse on the one I had. It was so sensitive that anytime I moved it across the screen it would open every link or program that it passed along the way. It was SO annoying.

Dylan had fun playing on the computers again!

IMG_7157 (640x480)

We had another great lunch at a place called Rose and Crown Tavern n Marietta. I’m looking forward to going there with my parents when they come to visit in February. My dad would love it.

Check out Jason showing off the iTunes chart on his phone in this picture!

IMG_7164 (640x480)

I think that picture was taken right after he saw this tweet, sent out by iTunes, that had him excited!

IMG_7178 (427x640)

Back home, Dylan and I played outside all afternoon.

IMG_7167 (640x480)

I am VERY proud to share the following video. I was reciting nursery rhymes to Dylan while we played when I noticed that he was acting them out. I called for Jason to come outside to record Dylan’s rendition of Little Miss Muffet. I think we have a performer on our hands!


Finally, the weekend wrapped up with a visit from my brother-in-law, Justin, and his lady, Kendy. We all loved the company!

IMG_7174 (640x480)

Dylan hasn’t had a nap in three days! He’s been skipping them and going to bed at 7 p.m. rather than 9 p.m. I’m not sure if he has officially dropped his nap or not. I have mixed emotions on the whole thing. I know some kids nap until the age of 5 so I don’t want to rush him, but I also don’t want to force it. We are taking it day by day. At any rate, its nice having a longer stretch at night for relaxing! I’m off to do that now!

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JASON SIROTIN January 7, 2013 at 3:56 am

Great post! I love when you do free promotion!!!! #ThePerfectHumanDiet


DONNA CUSHING January 9, 2013 at 9:40 pm

I can’t wait to visit some of your favorite places in February. I enjoyed seeing Dylan act out Little Miss Muffer! Very cute! Thanks for sharing about your weekend !


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