Weekend Recap: Small Town U.S.A.

by Courtney Sirotin on April 30, 2012

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I read about a farmers market taking place in downtown Cartersville so I suggested we check it out Saturday morning. I offered Dylan breakfast and then we set out.

IMG_3278 (640x480)

(I wish he was as enthusiastic about breakfast as he looked in that picture!)

Here’s the thing about life in a small town…

Because we are surrounded by farm land the farmers market had the potential to be quite nice. Instead, this is what we found when we got there:

IMG_1394 (640x480)

One station wagon with some plants in the back. It was pathetic but it really could’ve gone either way. With a small town you don’t know what you are going to get. We decided to park and walk around town anyway since Jay wanted a coffee. We ended up at an outdoor café near the train tracks and Dylan had a great time munching on his favorite food and watching the trains go by.

No complaints here! Two happy boys!

IMG_1406 (640x640)


Then we walked over to the grounds of the Booth Museum where there was a local artist quick draw event happening. Dylan had fun hanging out with these ladies,

IMG_1410 (640x480)

climbing on all the statues and structures,

IMG_1418 (640x480)

playing with twigs,

IMG_1419 (640x480)

and flying through the air in his daddy’s arms!

IMG_3296 (640x480)IMG_3295 (640x480)IMG_3291 (640x480)

Of course, nothing beats the delight he gets from a good ‘ol train!

Back home I went for a long walk with Dylan in the stroller with the hope of getting him to nap. He fell asleep almost instantly and I enjoyed the scenery while listening to an audiobook.

IMG_3311 (640x480)

Zonked out:

IMG_3307 (640x480)

We set back out in the afternoon for groceries and a park visit. First the park for some swinging!

IMG_1453 (640x640)

Looks like the straw’s up his nose but its just an illusion:

IMG_1452 (640x640)

IMG_3314 (640x480)

Here’s Dylan in the grocery cart. Whenever I get into the checkout I have to sweep his area for things he’s pulled off shelves while I wasn’t looking. In this instance he had procured some 5 Hour Energy drinks. I don’t think he needs them.


After dinner he enjoyed an ice cream sandwich and I had a coffee to get me through the rest of the day/night.

IMG_1457 (640x640)

I recently picked up this reusable coffee mug thingy and I LOVE it. Its dishwasher and microwave safe and I like the way it feels in my hands.

IMG_3322 (640x480)


Sunday we had plans to drive to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a “Day Out With Thomas the Train” event. We installed Dylan’s portable DVD player in the backseat to hopefully make the long drive pleasant. I let him choose his own DVD and he picked Barney. Dylan really wants to like Barney because he sees other kids liking him but he actually finds him annoying. His face had this scowl until I changed DVDs:

IMG_3331 (640x480)IMG_3328 (640x480)

There were a lot of activities at the event. Dylan started out in the bounce house:

Then we went to the petting zoo:

IMG_1471 (640x480)

IMG_1467 (640x480)

And hit up the Lego tables:

IMG_1478 (640x480)

Here’s a funny video of Dylan trying to sit in a chair:

Eventually Thomas pulled up and we all climbed aboard.

IMG_1490 (640x480)

I should say at this point that Dylan has no interest in Thomas the Train.

IMG_1506 (640x640)

I got the tickets months ago with the hope that I could instill an interest in Thomas in Dylan before the event but every time I play a Thomas show he wants me to change the channel. Also, Dylan did not want to be on the train. He wanted to run around but we had to confine him to our seats. In the future I will let Dylan’s actual interests lead me to pick family events!

IMG_1499 (640x480)

Still, there were moments of utter adorableness.

IMG_1505 (640x640)

And he got a certificate.

IMG_3336 (640x480)

(That I already threw away because he really doesn’t care about it and I’m trying to reduce clutter.)

The event wiped us all out. Dylan went to sleep almost immediately back in the car.

IMG_3343 (640x480)

We drove back to Cartersville then grabbed some food at Jay’s favorite restaurant.

IMG_1510 (640x480)IMG_3345 (640x480)IMG_3346 (640x480)

We left the restaurant shortly after those pictures were taken because Dylan got some bacon stuck in his teeth and flipped out.

A bath was in order when we got home. Dylan has this ice cream cone shaped water squirter and while trying to entice him into the tub I said, “Lets play with ice cream!”

IMG_3349 (640x480)

He misunderstood and ran to the freezer and demanded some real ice cream. It was a bit unconventional but our bath time ended up looking like this:

IMG_3352 (640x480)

And that, folks, wraps things up!

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DONNA May 1, 2012 at 12:34 am

Wow! You had an action packed weekend! I recognized the restautant with the dollar bills on the wall. Is Ryder’s still there? The farmer’s market looked like it was just a hopeful venture on someone’s part. It was good of you to support the effort. The pictures of your family at all the events are beautiful. I think Dylan is a lucky little boy! Dylan is such a cutie! I love his hair! Thanks for sharing!


COURTNEY May 1, 2012 at 1:58 am

I wish I knew where Ryder put the dollar so I can keep an eye on it! I’m sure its still there though!


RUSS May 2, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Market will be better in the Fall I’m sure.


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