Weekend Recap: So Smile!

by Courtney Sirotin on October 14, 2013

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It must be some kind of pregnancy hormonal imbalance, but lately I’ve been very protective of my optimism. The older, and possibly, more pregnant I get, I see the strong protective and healing powers of a good attitude. I’ve always believed that optimism is a choice and that people who choose it will have a higher quality of life than people who lean towards pessimism, and probably with better outcomes, even when faced with the same situations. Now, I am taking that observation, along with my natural leanings towards patience and hopefulness, and putting up a wall towards pessimism.  Everyday, we are drinking from this one glass of life, and if the glass is half full, the drink just tastes better.


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To that end, I have also been maintaining a really positive attitude toward some the “behavior problems” we are experiencing with Dylan. He is such a strong-willed child with a clear and constant agenda that when his efforts towards some self-imposed goal get thwarted, he becomes very upset. We manage this very well at home, because he’s on his own turf and has a lot of leeway to pursue his work (he keeps himself very busy), but out and about we sometimes run into problems.

Case in point: this Saturday we took Dylan to a fall festival where we met up with some friends and their kids. When the kids started playing with the tools Dylan insisted on bringing (an entire backpack full of them), he could not tolerate having to share his beloved toys (those tools are his life right now) and totally flipped out. It was definitely an awkward scene and though we tried to work through it, Jay and I ultimately didn’t want to linger through it and be on display for a zillion judgmental parenting eyes (friends excluded, and possibly everyone else too…you just feel on display when your kid is flipping out), so we packed up and headed out.

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On our way out, I quickly made the decision not to dwell on the experience. We had done everything right to mediate things and our efforts didn’t work, so we made the decision to leave and that was a consequence that Dylan had to face. After that, what good would have come from dwelling on it? The consequence was delivered so move on, right? Anyway, that’s what we did and I’m glad for it because we ended up having a good day, whereas if I had let the outburst get to me, the day would have still laid out before us but the some total of it could’ve been miserable. This is just one (timely) example, but overall, I am become stronger and more self-assured in my pursuit of optimism!

Oh, and in a showing of epic support from the universe, look what I found later in the day, tucked way back on random shelf at a store:

IMG_3961 (640x480)

IMG_3962 (640x480)

(Of course I left it for someone else to find next. That’s the move, right?)

I don’t have many pictures from this weekend, so I’ll just throw some snapshots in here.

IMG_3941 (640x480)

IMG_3950 (640x480)

IMG_3954 (640x480)

IMG_3966 (640x480)

IMG_3970 (640x480)

(Jay and I try so hard to find new ways to play with tools. I feel like its my full-time job right now.)


I have even fewer pictures from Sunday. Aside from going for walk on the Silver Comet Trail, we didn’t leave the house once. It was one of those days where we all woke up and just knew that staying home and being lazy all day was a really good idea. Well, we weren’t exactly lazy since I cleaned most of the day, Jay worked on his computer and Dylan worked with his tools in a frenzy for hours upon hours, but we were lazyish in that we didn’t have to put on real clothes.

One thing of note is that I had my first cup of (decaf, organic) coffee since finding out I am preggers. The thought of coffee had repelled me until Sunday. It was pretty good, but today, Monday, it has grossed me out again.

IMG_3972 (640x480)

We had a nice breakfast together and then I went out on that walk by myself:

IMG_3978 (640x480)

In between cleaning tasks, I played tools with Dylan. I also made Jay some meatloaf.

IMG_3974 (640x480)

Here’s a random bowl of popcorn we shared. I use an air popper and toss it with melted butter and salt. Kerrygold butter is the best on popcorn.

IMG_3984 (640x480)

One highlight of the day was watching a bunch of “old” Dylan videos. (He’s only three so I use the term “old” very loosely). We played them on our Apple TV so that Dylan was on the big screen.


Dylan watched the video from his birth and thought it was pretty cool! It made me cry, of course. I enjoyed showing him all the videos where he’s eating things he would never eat now, like pears, watermelon, eggs, cheese and sweet potatoes. Where did we go wrong!? He loved fruit back then!

Anyway, here’s one last random picture of my dinner. My stomach is still a little off at night and this is typically the only kind of meal I can handle:

IMG_3987 (640x480)

That catches you up! Next weekend we are having a Halloween party here for Dylan’s SUPER belated birthday party (remember when we had to cancel it because we were all sick?).

Hope your weeks all kick off well! Remember, “You woke up! You are moving and reading this! So smile!”


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KATIE October 14, 2013 at 1:22 pm

I love it! I am always encouraging people in my world to be more positive and look on the bright side of a situation! I find that as I have aged I have been able to do this more and more. It’s fantastic and freeing! This year I feel like I have let go of a lot of demons and its been amazing the change in my whole body.I’m sad you went for a walk alone. Those are my favorite moments with you- our walks. 9 days until you are here! I can hardly wait!

PS. Sorry about the Chocolate and Coffee thing. Think about it from the bright side: when you can have it again it will be like a whole new experience of taste for you! 🙂


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