Weekend Recap: Sticking Together

by Courtney Sirotin on June 10, 2013

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It was another low-key weekend around here! We’re going away for a mini-vacation in a couple weeks so I think we’ve been keeping things simple in anticipation of that. Or, maybe we’re just boring. At any rate, it feels right.


Jason went to the gym Saturday morning and I took Dylan to the neighborhood pool. It takes him awhile to get into the water.

IMG_1974 (640x480)

Its not that he has to get used to it slowly, because when he’s ready he jumps right in, I think he just likes the anticipation of it.

IMG_1975 (640x480)

His second favorite part of going to the pool is having a snack under the umbrellas. Swimming probably comes in third.

IMG_1976 (640x480)

We met up with some new friends for lunch at R. Thomas Deluxe Grille, a great restaurant in Buckhead. As you walk into the restaurant they have cages of exotic birds, like parrots and toucans, and the rest of the décor, and even the menu, is equally intriguing. They’re open 24 hours and have a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as meat, so it’s a great place to go when you’re with a group of people with mixed dietary preferences.

IMG_1979 (640x480)

IMG_1980 (640x480)

We went to Whole Foods after lunch to get half of our groceries. (I like certain things from certain stores.) I can’t seem to go grocery shopping with Dylan without him throwing a fit for a cookie or wanting to eat his way through the entire store (and he only wants junk). I find it stressful and have to be careful to time my grocery trips, when I know I will need to take him along, in between meals so that he doesn’t spoil his next one. (Yes, I know I don’t have to give him anything, and sometimes I can distract him, but he is very strong willed. This is one of my parenting fails.)

IMG_5756 (640x480)

Later that afternoon, Jay tried to get Dylan to drink very lemony water.  Jay called it “pucker juice” and Dylan was very excited about trying it, up until he had to try it.

IMG_1994 (640x480)

IMG_1996 (640x480)

This is after ten minutes of coaxing:



Dylan and I shared breakfast while Jay was at the gym. I had the largest grapefruit of my life while Dylan licked powdered sugar off the top of his pancakes.

IMG_1999 (640x480)

Dylan and I went outside after that and I started to clean up the backyard. I didn’t intend to, nor did I want to, but one thing led to another and I just kept doing things. His sandbox from last year was getting gross, so I emptied everything out and washed it with soapy water. Dylan enjoyed the soap bubbles so much, I ended up filling it back up with clean soapy water for him to play in while I finished what I was doing. Once I had all of Dylan’s toys, balls and messy outdoor art supplies clean, I laid everything in the sun to dry. And then, a couple hours later, when I was not home, there was a torrential downpour and everything got soaked again. Oh well…

Note the glue in Dylan’s hand below. All day on Sunday he was obsessed with glue. He took that glue bottle with him everywhere he went all day long. I don’t know what sparked his devotion to it, but he even insisted on bringing glue to bed with him for his nap and then again when he went to bed for the night. He fell asleep holding it like a teddy bear!

IMG_2001 (640x480)

Speaking of that downpour, it occurred while we were at the neighborhood pool again. There were two other people there when we arrived. When it started to sprinkle, they packed up and left, but we decided it would probably pass. It so didn’t pass.

IMG_2008 (640x480)

Note the glue:

IMG_2003 (640x480)

We had to take shelter under the gazebo and then ran back to our house when the rain lightened a little. As we were running to the gazebo Dylan was shouting, “Glue! Glue!” Don’t worry, he got it to safety.

I ran out for Part 2 of my grocery shopping adventures while Dylan was taking a rare, but much needed, nap.

IMG_2019 (640x480)

We went to visit Justin and Kendy at their new house in the afternoon and then we all went out to dinner at Rose & Crown Tavern in Marietta.

IMG_5767 (640x480)

IMG_5768 (640x480)

Dylan enjoyed his fries…

IMG_2021 (640x480)

Oh, and his glue, of course. (Note that he had acquired a second bottle at this point. He is now carrying them both around everywhere.)

IMG_5760 (640x480)

Back home, I attempted a new recipe for Sunbutter Balls that I want to be able to include in Dylan’s school lunch (he has a nut free school but they allow sunflower butter). The recipe included mini chocolate chips, which was the downfall, because when I gave one to Dylan he just picked out the chips to eat and discarded all the healthy stuff. Bummer!

IMG_5771 (640x480)

Oh, and Jay assaulted Dylan with silly string! Actually, Dylan found it in a bag of random things I keep in my closet (What, you don’t keep silly string in your closet? Weirdo.) and then he just had to see what it was all about. Jay showed Dylan how silly string works in the exact wrong way, by nearly shooting it into his eyes. Thankfully he missed (or I wouldn’t be showing you the video). At any rate, Dylan enjoyed it. Also, note the glue:

Sunday ended with Dylan in bed clutching his glue, Jay working at his computer and me cleaning the house until I dropped (we tore it up this weekend). Hope you all had great weekends too!

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DONNA CUSHING June 12, 2013 at 5:28 pm

I will pass on the bird restaurant when I go to Georgia! The pool looks inviting! Dylan is lucky to have you for his mom. You spend so much time with him. It is a wonderful gift for you both!
Has Dylan tried a glue stick? Just wondering…. 🙂


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