Weekend Recap: Surprise!

by Courtney Sirotin on July 30, 2012

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Saturday morning, like most of my mornings, started with a scene like this:

IMG_4652 (640x480)

Followed by this:

IMG_2199 (640x640)

And a significant amount of this:

IMG_4657 (640x480)

After all that was completed, Jay and I took Dylan to Sports Authority to (unsuccessfully) find him a new life jacket and then to Kroger to pick up our weekly groceries. When we got back home Dylan took a nap and I worked out. When he woke up I gave him lunch and then we went back outside to play. At five o’clock I came inside and fancied up a bit:

IMG_4667 (640x480)

Jason’s birthday was a couple weeks ago but I planned a little surprise dinner party for him this weekend. I told him that I got Dylan’s babysitter for the night and made us dinner reservations, but he was under the impression that it would just be the two of us.


It was totally awkward and hysterical when we got to the restaurant and Jason saw his friends there (waiting to surprise him) because he thought they just happened to all be eating together and kind of started to blow them off on his way to a secluded table! He stopped to greet them and when they told him to sit down he declined and said, “Thanks, guys, but Court and I don’t get out alone very often, so I think we’ll go sit over there.” I stumbled over myself trying to explain to him that everyone was there for him. Luckily, everyone thought it was funny and didn’t take it personally. And as Jay explained later, he thought I would’ve wanted to eat alone as a couple and didn’t want to be the one to mess up our date.

The restaurant/bar was super cool. It is hidden in the back of a restaurant (Muss & Turner’s in Smyrna) behind the facade of a walk-in cooler.

The girls:


The guys:


Jason’s brother, Justin, also showed up a bit later. We had drinks and appetizers at the hidden bar and then moved to the restaurant next door (South City Kitchen) for dinner. I had the fourth hamburger I’ve eaten for the past fifteen years, three of which have been consumed in the past two months. I think I officially eat hamburgers now! This one was great!

IMG_2220 (640x480)

There was pimento cheese and pickles on top and I had collard green kimchi in place of fries.

We got home around nine to find Dylan happily playing with his babysitter. He was tired and ready for bed, but in good spirits!


Sunday morning started like this again:

IMG_2225 (640x480)

But then we deviated from the norm. So, I had this idea that we should check out this Unitarian Universalist church in Atlanta because, according to their website, they are a nondenominational church open to everyone from atheists to Buddhists to Christians and everyone in between. I like the idea of having a tie to some sort of spiritual community here and Jay agreed to check the church out with me today.

IMG_2229 (640x480)

We won’t be going back. It wasn’t the best experience, though I don’t blame the church (everyone I spoke to was quite nice). Mostly, Dylan was just in a state the whole time we were there. He was even too loud for the baby cry room! For whatever reason he did not want to be there and screamed bloody murder to make sure we knew. I tried everything to make it work but ultimately we had to leave early, and when we got outside, it was a relief. Jay and I just didn’t click with the whole experience. Maybe I’ll try it, or something like it, out again when Dylan is a little older.

Justin and his girlfriend, Kendi, met us at the church and then came back to our house for lunch and an afternoon by the pool.

IMG_4674 (640x480)

We ordered Chinese food from Tasty China, a favorite restaurant among locals. My plate:

IMG_4673 (640x480)

IMG_4675 (640x480)

When we got back from the pool I interviewed Justin about his recent dramatic weight loss. I intend to write a blog post about it later this week, so stay tuned for that!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, eating and taking a walk around the neighborhood as a family. It was a great weekend!

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JASON July 30, 2012 at 2:55 am

It was a great weekend. I need to smile more in these pics! I look pissed!


DONNA July 30, 2012 at 10:25 am

I enjoyed reading about your weekend and the pictures are great! it looks like you were all having fun. Thank you for sharing. It makes mw feel like I am there!


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