Weekend Recap: Swept Away

by Courtney Sirotin on June 11, 2012

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As is his new custom, Dylan woke up Saturday morning, propped himself up on a mound of pillows and plugged into his gadgets.

IMG_4026 (640x480)

We didn’t have plans for the weekend, other than continuing to try to find housing. However, if I had to pick a theme, it would be “picking up”. I swear I cleaned and re-cleaned the same two rooms over and over again, with the majority of my attention going to the floors. Dylan has taken to helping himself to snacks from one of our bottom cupboards and inevitably leaves a trail of crumbs behind him. But that’s fine because he’s also taken to “helping” me sweep:

Jason took Dylan to Target mid-morning while I used the elliptical. Jason came back saying, “Dylan kept doing this weird thing where he would lay down in the middle of an aisle and stare at the ceiling.” I was like, “Yep, he does that a lot.” And its true, when Dylan is content and wanting to feel a moment he lies down wherever he is (store, park, yard…) and soaks it all in. Its adorable but it leaves him a little vulnerable. When plops down at Kindermusik other kids plow right over him!

IMG_1895 (640x640)

We went to look at a house in the afternoon. It was a cute house in a neighborhood boasting a pool, tennis courts, lake and play area for kids. The house also had a small yard where Dylan could play and its less than ten minutes to Jay’s office. Here’s a glimpse at the play area.

IMG_1906 (640x640)

This picture kind of blows me away because it looks like he’s really posing…like a big boy would!

IMG_1905 (640x640)

We put in an application for the house and will likely hear back tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

Back home we had a picnic. Smile

IMG_4043 (640x480)


I went to bed at midnight on Saturday and Dylan was up at 6 a.m Sunday morning. This scene took place around 6:45 a.m.

IMG_4044 (640x480)

It was a low-key, rainy morning. Dylan splashed around in mud puddles for awhile but mostly we were inside making and then cleaning up messes. Jason had a meeting in Atlanta so he was gone for a few hours. He had to drive an hour each way but when we move it will only take him twenty minutes to get into the city! That’s really the main motivation for our move; we need to get rid of Jason’s commute so that we can have him home more often!

Dylan and I met Jason at…where else?…Jefferson’s after his meeting. This was my last meal there! Dylan and I leave for New Hampshire on Friday and when we get back we will be in the new house.

IMG_1908 (640x480)

I had the iPhone camera flipped around so that Dylan could see himself on the screen. He was captivated by himself!

After lunch/dinner I took Dylan to TJ Maxx where he had a meltdown. There were some older kids (12 year olds?) hanging out by the kids’ books and some of them were reading books that Dylan owns at home. He thought they were reading his books and wanted them back. It got messy and I had to leave. Here we are on the way out. He was fine by the time we cleared the automatic doors.

IMG_4051 (640x480)

After TJ Maxx we walked one store over and hit up Publix for some groceries. I was alone and decided not to use a shopping cart because Dylan was content in his stroller and moving him to a cart would have invited a struggle. I was silly and picked up a bunch of heavy items and had to lug them, my bags and Dylan all the way back to the car.

IMG_4052 (640x480)

Jason, Dylan and I had fun back at home. We were all in a good mood and formed a marching band. Spoons, drums, xylophones, harmonicas, pianos and pots and pans were all played. No pictures were taken because Jason declared he was not camera-ready.

I did, however, get a shot of this:

IMG_4060 (640x480)

I had an Easter egg filled with candy corn in Dylan’s craft box. He grabbed the egg and threw it on the floor. The egg shattered loudly and candy corn went everywhere. Dylan thought it was hilarious…and I got out the broom again.

IMG_4062 (640x480)

I have to say, if you have to clean floors over and over again, there are worse things to pick up than pastel candy corn.

That’s it! Another weekend…swept away.

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