Weekend Recap: The Gang’s All Here!

by Courtney Sirotin on February 27, 2012

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My family arrived Saturday afternoon and we’ve been enjoying our visit so much. The only thing that could’ve made this visit better is if my younger sister, Kelly, and her family could’ve been here. They are sorely missed!


Saturday morning we cleaned even more trying to get everything in order. I’ll admit, I was on a bit of a bender. The only room that hadn’t been tackled at all was Jay’s office/guest room. We call it the “Pink Room” because it’s pink. Yeah, we’re pretty clever. Anyway, here’s how it looked when we woke up:

15 (640x480)

Jay cleaned and Dylan “helped”:

16 (640x480)

And here it is all tidied up:

1 (640x480)

I snapped pictures around the house to capture the cleanliness because I knew it would be fleeting. It hadn’t been so clean since before Dylan was born. As I type this Sunday night, it’s a royal mess again.

2 (640x480)3 (640x480)17 (640x480)18 (640x480)22 (640x480)23 (640x480)

We made it to the airport on time despite some missing information on my part (I couldn’t remember which airline they were on). Here we are at the airport with my nephew, Ryder:

24 (640x480)25 (640x480)

Allow me to introduce you to our guests!

Dad & Mom:

4 (640x480)5 (640x480)

Alana (sister), Julia (niece) and Ryder (nephew)

6 (640x480)7 (640x480)8 (640x480)

After the airport we came home with take-out and ate a late dinner:

26 (640x480)


This morning I ran out to the store by myself for breakfast food while Dylan played with his cousins.

11 (640x480)

Then I came home and went for a glorious run also by myself. Dylan is my PIC so I don’t do much of anything by myself so these two outings were a fun change from the norm. I really have a pretty running route here:

28 (640x480)

29 (640x480)

When I got home my mom surprised me with a new pair of slippers! When it rains it pours, as these are my second pair of new slippers this week!

30 (640x480)

Here I am modeling them for you, and holding up the baby monitor because I guess that’s cool…?

31 (640x480)

I think I was just shocked that Dylan was still sleeping because he took a three hour nap this afternoon. He is so over-stimulated by all the company!

After naps and lunch we all went to the park. The babies loved the slides!

IMG_1028 (640x480)13 (640x480)

And each other…here’s Julia sneaking up on Dylan and stealing a hug:

14 (640x480)

Tonight we went out to dinner and then came home and crashed. Not pictured was a trip into town to walk around and some other random activities. Everyone is in bed now and I’m on my way in just a second. Tomorrow we’re heading into Atlanta for two nights at a hotel. I’m hoping we make it to the zoo because Dylan is super into animals right now!

9 (640x480)


(OMG, I can’t believe I just typed that! So lame. I’m totally leaving it in though. I’m a masochist.)

One more thing…here’s a picture of Ryder I want to include simply because he’s so handsome. 🙂


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