Weekend Recap: The Good Stuff

by Courtney Sirotin on September 24, 2012

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One thing I miss out on when I’m in Georgia are my nephew, Ryder’s, football games. I was excited for the chance to go with Dylan and my parents on Saturday morning.

But first, breakfast:

IMG_2591 (640x480)

Dylan kept himself entertained stacking creamers, sugars, jelly and butter containers.


My mom gets a photo credit for this amazing shot:

IMG_2605 (640x480)

My father goes to all of Ryder’s practices and football games. Breakfast service was slow so he was getting antsy because he thought we were going to be late.


Luckily, we were on time!

IMG_5182 (640x480)

My sister (above) had plans Saturday night so Ryder came back to my parents’ house for a sleepover. On the way home he stopped by a party store with my mom and they picked up some foam swords. He challenged my mom to a dual!

IMG_5193 (640x480)IMG_5194 (640x480)

Possibly the best video, ever:

Despite a valiant effort, my mother lost the fight and Ryder tried to sever her head.

IMG_5196 (640x480)

But Dylan came to her rescue…

IMG_5207 (640x480)

and the little prince saved the queen!

IMG_5212 (640x480)

Unfortunately, he still had to sweep the palace driveway because the king is a tyrant.

Dylan is usually aloof but he’s enamored with Ryder and follows him around like a puppy. Ryder is a good sport and makes Dylan feel pretty special. They spent most of the afternoon together, to Dylan’s delight.

IMG_5227 (640x480)

The day ended with dinner out.

IMG_5232 (640x480)

And a viewing of The Three Stooges once Dylan was asleep. I don’t particularly care for slapstick comedy but Ryder and my mom were laughing a lot.


Sunday, today, my sisters and I took the 2ish-year-old cousins to Storyland in Glen, NH.

That’s a convoluted way of saying that Parker, Julia and Dylan went to Storyland while Trevor (9 months) stayed home with my mom and Ryder (12 years old) went on a “guys trip” with my dad.

We packed up the car and headed out around 10am.

Kelly and Parker:


Dylan, Julia and Alana:


And me!


Wow, I was juggling three iPhones there…

The kids had a blast at Story land! Highlights included:

A ball pit:

IMG_5266 (640x478)

They were sucked right in!

IMG_5265 (640x478)

These doors to nowhere provided an unexpected amount of entertainment:

IMG_5267 (640x478)

IMG_5248 (640x480)

The domestic innards of a pumpkin:

IMG_5250 (640x480)

The always enjoyable carousel:

IMG_5253 (640x480)


IMG_5260 (640x478)

IMG_5263 (640x478)

More balls:

IMG_5258 (640x480)

And a meeting with Cinderella, which Dylan skipped due to disinterest. Looks like maybe Parker was less than captivated as well:

IMG_5259 (640x478)

The three of them zonked out as soon as we got back in the car. They slept almost the whole ride home:

IMG_5264 (640x478)

When we got back it was a whirlwind of feedings, playing and baths. And in the midst of it all, baby Trevor had his first taste of ice cream:

IMG_2628 (640x480)

His life will never be the same again.

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