Weekend Recap: The Great Napflict

by Courtney Sirotin on January 21, 2013

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This weekend was marked by what Jay has coined, The Great Napflict of 2013. Dylan is very much in-between needing and not needing naps and it is making for some confusing days and even confusing emotions.

I don’t like forcing Dylan to stay awake until bedtime when he’s skipped a nap but then gets tired, but it’s the only move you can make once it gets past a certain hour in the day. If he takes a late nap there is no way he’s getting to sleep at night any earlier than 9:30 or 10 p.m., but then I feel like I’m putting my needs (for time to unwind) before his when he is also clearly exhausted and lying on the floor at 4 p.m. I don’t like that feeling either. None of this is very exciting, but it does impact our days a bit as we figure it all out.


Jay got home early on Friday, so after a week of rain, we enjoyed the nice weather outside as a family.

IMG_4640 (640x480)

My new favorite picture ever:

IMG_4648 (640x640)

We also had an impromptu play date with our neighbors’ son!


I got up early with Dylan on Saturday. He watched one of his new favorite shows (by Leapfrog) on Netflix while I read the events section of Atlanta Parent magazine and made a list of things we might check out in the coming weeks.

IMG_7478 (640x480)

Here’s where the Great Napflict started. On the days Dylan takes a nap he takes it early and is up no latter than 2pm, ideally even earlier. Any later than 2pm and it nearly impossible to get him to bed at night; he simply has too much energy. Saturday, Jay and I had two reasons for wanting Dylan to skip his nap, which he’s been doing lately anyway. One was that we wanted to take him to a specific Gymboree class that was being held at noon (during his naptime) and then other was that we had a day date planned and picked the hours so that we would be getting home at 7pm, just in time to put Dylan to bed and have the rest of the night to hang out. If we thought he was going to take a nap we would have chosen to go on a night date since there are more date-worthy things to do in the evening.

With this no-nap plan in mind, we set out for Gymboree, grabbing frozen yogurts on the way. Looking back, I should’ve taken Dylan’s behavior at the yogurt place as a sign that he was tired because he didn’t want his yogurt at all and just wanted to leave as soon as we got there.


We had a pretty good time at Gymboree. It was Jay’s first time going with us and I was hoping he was going to experience it the way I usually, do but the weekend class had a different format than the one Dylan usually goes to (and loves) and Dylan wasn’t as excited about it.

Though you can’t tell from looking at this picture!

IMG_4656 (640x480)

What was lacking from the class was made up for by having Jay there!

It was a sports-themed class so Dylan practiced his throwing and catching skills.

Dylan was awake and playing well with his babysitter when we left for our date. Jay and I grabbed a drink and late lunch at Eleanor’s Room (the super secret back room at Muss & Turner’s in Smyrna!)

IMG_4674 (640x480)

We had to make a quick stop into a mall while we were out and came upon this poster, which is noteworthy because we (our company, Brain Bytes Creative) is currently designing a fashion website for Harvin and Meyer Eadon, two of the cast members of Big Rich Atlanta. I’ll try to remember to post a link to the site once its finished!

IMG_7483 (640x480)

Near the end of our date I got a text from Dylan’s babysitter saying that an hour after we left he fell asleep and basically slept the whole time were were out. She said he woke up from his nap around 6pm which meant we were in unchartered territory when it came to putting him to bed that night. In his whole life, Dylan has never had a nap that ended past 4pm so we were expecting to be up way past midnight trying to wear him out again. Hearing about this nap also made me question whether he is really ready to drop naps so I’ve been going back to offering them every day (since Saturday) but I’m not forcing them if he doesn’t seem tired.

As suspected, Dylan was rested and full of pep when we got home!

IMG_7485 (640x480)

He was being super cute and we all had fun hanging out. In the end, I’m happy to report that bedtime wasn’t as late as I’d expected. He was down around 10pm…

IMG_7491 (640x480)


Sunday kicked off with more cartoons, a bacon-filled breakfast, and loads of laundry.

IMG_7493 (640x480)

Also, I just want to state here that I am addicted to Terra Chips. I justify this addiction by counting them as veggies.

IMG_7499 (640x480)

After a trip to the grocery store and an early nap (there it is again), we played outside at our house…

IMG_7518 (640x480)

(Dylan is obsessed with tape measures these days.)

IMG_7509 (640x480)

IMG_7511 (640x480)

and then we went to my favorite park on our way to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. The park is called Morgan Falls Overlook. Its in Sandy Springs and it is so pretty there. The park is set on a lake with pretty views and the playground is on Astroturf and has a lot of unique equipment.)

IMG_7525 (640x480)

Dylan reluctantly worked on his sharing skills with a little boy who was following us around waiting for Dylan to give up his school bus. Dylan conceded and the two boys exchanged toys for awhile. It was cute.

IMG_7532 (640x480)

Next, we had a great dinner with Justin and Kendy at my new favorite restaurant, Genki! We were there two weeks ago and have been eager to go back ever since. Kendy doesn’t look very happy in this picture, but you’ll have to trust me that she was!

IMG_7539 (640x480)

She was just getting over this:


I had no choice but to order the exact meal I had the last time because it was perfection then and it was again! IThe Japanese BBQ Chicken dish does not disappoint!

IMG_7547 (640x480)

Happy Birthday, Justin!

IMG_7544 (640x480)

and BRB to the rest of you!

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ALANA January 23, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Julia and I loved reading this together!!! We miss you! Love the videos 🙂
I feel your pain on the nap!


DONNA CUSHING January 25, 2013 at 7:55 pm

I can’t wait to experience some of your favorite haunts with you! Nap possibility : what if you designate a time….. Say 1:00 to 1:45 or something like that and convince Dylan he needs to take a rest, perhaps lie down with his books. He can “read” or sleep, but he must take a rest. You could have a reward or something if he had a successful rest time like choosing a sticker for a sticker chart or choosing an activity he likes to do when rest time is over. you could call it power up time. I don’t know, maybe he is too young, but I know in daycares they enforce the quiet time even if the kids don’t want to nap. You could play quiet music or something. Then at least you could have a moment to yourself and Dylan may not be up all night. He might be better natured at dinner time. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing about your weekend. It makes me feel good to know what you are up to.


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