Weekend Recap: Visions Of Sugar Plums

by Courtney Sirotin on December 17, 2012

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It was a sweet weekend and I mean that literally. I am frosting-logged! ‘Tis the season, right?!


Mornings at my parents house are especially enjoyable to me these days because its my dad’s favorite time of day to bond with Dylan, which means I get a little extra time for a lingering first cup of coffee.

IMG_6731 (640x480)IMG_6730 (640x480)

And if it seems like I’m taking advantage of having some extra time to myself, I totally am. After coffee, I went for a long walk in the cool, fresh air.

IMG_6733 (640x480)

I had it in my head that we needed to make and decorate Christmas cookies this weekend. My mom and I picked up the ingredients Friday afternoon. I made the dough Friday night after Dylan as asleep so Saturday morning all we had left to do was the fun stuff. My mom and I set up a whole Dylan-friendly cookie-making area but, alas, he was only interested in the process for all of two minutes.

IMG_3016 (640x480)

As luck would have it, we also picked up a gingerbread house kit when we were shopping for the cookie ingredients and Dylan was very enthusiastic about that project. I finished baking the cookie while my mom and Dylan worked on the house.

IMG_3012 (640x480)

There was only one major issue with the gingerbread house: FROSTING. Dylan is obsessed with frosting. If you give him anything with frosting he will scrape it all off and completely disregard the delivery vehicle. Cake, donuts, Oreo cookies…anything but the frosting is useless to him. I can’t even pretend to be bothered by this, either, because I do the same thing. But anyway, he never made it past icing the roof of the house because all the frosting ended up in his mouth and we had to put it away before he made himself sick.

IMG_3014 (640x480)

We had wanted to decorate the cookies Saturday morning as well but getting into a new batch of frosting so soon after the gingerbread house debacle seemed silly. Also, we were hoping some of Dylan’s cousins would join us but it wasn’t going to work out Saturday morning due to one cousin having a fever so we decided to wrap up the naked cookies and deal with them on Sunday.

Dylan and I played outside in the late morning.

IMG_6739 (640x480)

And then he didn’t take a nap. Naps are hit or miss these days and I am not sure how I feel about that. I miss the free time during the day but he does go to bed earlier so it’s a bit of a toss up.

After Dylan’s non-nap, we hopped in the car with my mom and dad and took a drive to Meredith, NH. It’s a cute lake town with a quaint shopping and dining area. We shopped just a bit then went to my father’s favorite restaurant there, Giuseppe’s, for an early dinner. Dylan fun giving my dad sips of water…

IMG_6742 (640x480)

Spraying his glasses…

IMG_6744 (640x480)

Then repeating the process…

IMG_6745 (640x480)

My mom and I enjoyed the show from across the table. I know its corny to say this (much less so now that I’m not a teenager, though I would’ve said the same thing back then too), but I love spending time with my parents! Even more than that, I love when Dylan gets to spend time with my parents. I feel like he gets a taste of my childhood, which I really enjoyed.

IMG_3030 (640x480)

My mom reluctantly posed for this picture. She thought the holiday lights would make a pretty picture but I told her I don’t like taking pictures without people in them. She martyred herself for the sake of the blog.

IMG_6748 (640x480)


Sunday began early. Dylan was up by 6 am. He entertained himself by dropping Skittles into an empty oat container. (He didn’t eat any…in case you are judging me for giving him candy before breakfast…though I don’t get that vibe from you. You’re cool.)

IMG_6750 (640x480)

IMG_6769 (640x480)

Dylan ended up taking a super long nap starting at 10 am. See what I mean about his nap schedule? Its spotty. One day he skips but then he sort of makes up for it the next day. Anyway, when he awoke nearly three hours later, two of his cousins had arrived! (While he napped I showered, hung out with my sister and prepped frosting for cookie decorating).

IMG_6771 (640x480)

Snow started to fall mid-day and the three boys enjoyed watching it accumulate out the window.

IMG_3033 (640x480)

Once Dylan was out of his naptime stupor, we embarked on a cookie-decorating-with-three-boy-toddlers experiment.

IMG_3037 (640x480)

There were mixed results. Parker (left) was in the game. He was happy to spread frosting and shake sprinkles on his cookie. Dylan (middle) didn’t make it past inserting the frosting-coated knife into his mouth repeatedly. Little Trevor (right) pretty much just gnawed on a cookie. After a few minutes they were on to other things so I packed up the cookies once again and decided my mother and I could finish frosting them later.

IMG_3051 (640x480)

We then bundled the boys up to play in the show.

IMG_6777 (640x480)

First snowfall of the year (for Dylan, anyway)!

Playing outside lasted under ten minutes. Parker asked to go in right away because he was cold. Dylan, who refused to wear mittens, lasted just a bit longer. He caved when his fingers became numb. Back inside, the boys hung out with my dad and brother-in-law, Ben, in the basement.

Ben and Trevor:

IMG_6792 (640x480)

Dylan enjoying a lazy Sunday lounging around and playing with his grampa’s watch:

IMG_6779 (640x480)

After a short reprieve, Dylan amped himself back up. First he played Ring Around the Rosie by himself…

Then he played the piano:

We also tried to FaceTime Jason, who was living it up in New Orleans this weekend! I had the screen set up so that if he answered his phone he would see my sister Alana’s high school glamour shot portrait, but he never answered.

IMG_6787 (361x640)

The rest of the snowy day was spent hanging out as a family. My mom made a ton of chicken soup, my sister and I chatted, and the boys played. Again, it reminded me of many Sundays of my childhood.

IMG_3064 (640x480)

IMG_3068 (640x480)

Side note: Its amazing how much development I see in Dylan when we are visiting here! I think it’s a mix of having so many more adults around who are vested in his learning and being around his cousins, who are also his peers, for long stretches of time. He learns from the adults and models the other kids. Of course, when it comes to technology, he’s always the teacher!

IMG_6802 (640x480)

What’s cuter than this?

IMG_6812 (640x480)

Only this!

IMG_6828 (640x480)

(Julia, we missed you!)

The day wound down. Post-bath, in jammies:

IMG_6833 (640x480)

And when Dylan was finally asleep, I tackled one last project with my mom. It involved frosting, of course.


IMG_6846 (640x480)

And those beauties are why this recap is coming a day late! Priorities, right!? Frosting is always a priority.

IMG_6847 (640x480)

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DONNA December 18, 2012 at 2:48 am

It was a beautiful weekend, made even more beautiful by the special way you have of writing about it! I am a lucky mom to have such a gifted daughter!


CAROL GLOSKI December 19, 2012 at 2:37 am

I thoroughly enjoyed your weekend!!!!! It was great to see your mom and dad, sister, and Dylan’s ‘boy’ cousins! The watch picture brought back a very vivid memory of your grandfather playing with Erik and Evan, when they were little. They were all on the floor in the boys’ room playing with your grandfather’s watch!!!!! I’m glad that your dad is like your grandfather…both LOVING kids, especially their grandchildren!!


COURTNEY December 19, 2012 at 11:43 am

That’s a beautiful comment, thank you! I’m going to share it with my mother!


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