Well, I Didn’t Expect This! (38 Weeks)

by Courtney Sirotin on March 31, 2014

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I can’t write a weekend recap today because Jay has most of the pictures on his phone and he’s at work. But, I wanted to pop in just to give an update and say I haven’t had the baby yet. This is very unexpected! I was SURE he was coming early but I was wrong! I’m well into my 38th week. At this point, I have no expectations and I’m trying not to analyze every sensation because I seem to be reading everything wrong. Each day I tell Jay and Roxanne, “This is the day!” Then its not. Of course, at 38 weeks any day could really be the day but I’m not making any bets on which one.

Here are my theories as to why Levi is staying in longer than Dylan did:

1) My body was better prepared to get pregnant. I needed fertility treatments to get pregnant with Dylan and didn’t with Levi.

2) The weekly progesterone shots really worked. (I haven’t had one in 3 weeks so I’m not sure I believe this one, but who knows.)

3) The pregnancy “took” better. Maybe there was something a little off with my placenta or something with Dylan and he decided to come early because he wasn’t getting everything he needed in utero. I do remember the midwife saying the placenta was a little small after Dylan was born. Dylan was also pretty small.

4) I haven’t exercised since week 20 and have been eating a lot. Maybe I was too active when I was pregnant with Dylan. It’s a catch-22 because they say that a mom who exercises creates a more “fit” baby but I had to try it this way just in case exercise indeed had something to do with Dylan’s early arrival. Plus, my doctor told me not to.

5) Levi is in a “sunny side up” position, which is not ideal for labor because his head doesn’t fully engage. I’ve also read that babies in this position tend to stay in longer because they are not putting as much pressure downward to get labor started.

6) Levi is waiting to make his grand entrance. These past few weeks each one of us has had various “life” things to tackle and maybe Levi is waiting for us all to settle down so that we can focus solely on him when he gets here. He wants his moment! I think we are all settled now.

7) Maybe Levi is  more like me physically so my body is more accepting of his presence. Dylan is basically Jay’s clone so maybe my body saw him as a (cute, adorable, precious) foreign invader?

Those are my theories. Its probably a mixture of all of them. (Except #7, that’s just a joke I’m telling Jay.)

Roxanne and Jay are anxious to get things going. I feel bad for Roxanne because she hasn’t been home for weeks and misses her husband. She is a trooper, though, and has really been bonding a lot with Dylan. I’m sure these days they are spending together will impact their entire future relationship. Jay is anxious to get past the delivery and begin the next stage with Levi here. He also wants to be able to plan things in his work schedule again.

As for me, I’m trying to enjoy this time because in the long run it is so fleeting and I’m happy that Levi is coming on his own time when he is ready. I won’t lie, though, I am nervous about the delivery. I just want it to go well and for him to arrive safe and healthy. I also PRAY that I go into labor early in the day because I become a zombie at night and I can’t imagine tackling labor effectively anytime after 7pm. Of course, since I put that in writing I’m guaranteed to go late in the day, right?!

One funny moment: A couple nights ago we were eating dinner in the kitchen. I had tried to make chicken fingers the way Dylan likes them in a restaurant but a little healthier so I had been standing over hot oil and had made myself super hot. I took off my t-shirt and just had on a pretty unflattering tank top while we ate. I was this big pregnant lady fanning herself and eating fried chicken. Then, as I was in the middle of saying something and everyone was looking at me I picked up a piece of bread that I had previously buttered and the melted butter poured off the bread and all over my belly. It was a total Honey Boo Boo moment and Jay grabbed his camera to take a picture but I was able to run out of the room before he got it. I’m not sharing a picture, just the story, because your imagination will do me more justice than a picture.

So that’s the update! I’ll (try to) keep you posted if there’s any news!

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ALANA March 31, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Thinking of you!!! Xoxoxo


DONNA April 2, 2014 at 1:00 am

There is no way you could look anything but beautiful! You are in all our thoughts! Little Levi is waiting to be born on his birthday but we don’t know when that is yet! My heart is with you as you wait and as you go through the delivery. I know you both will do well!


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