What’s App-ening Wednesday: Cupcake Doodle

by Courtney Sirotin on August 29, 2013

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You guys know about Cake Doodle, right? I think everyone with an iPhone has played that app one time or another. You basically mimic the process of making, baking and decorating a cake. There are a number of other doodle apps from the same company, Shoe the Goose, such as Donut Doodle, Fashion Doodle and Shoe Doodle, just to name a few. (See the full list here.) I could review any one of these apps and I’m sure the reviews would all be similar, but since Dylan loves the Cupcake Doodle app so much I’m going to review that one today!

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It’s a simple app, but Dylan is learning a lot from it. He completely understands the process of baking  from this app (and from helping me in the kitchen, but I can see he is learning baking processes we haven’t done together too.) He has been exposed to the technical concepts of selecting a type of cupcake to make, assembling all the ingredients, incorporating them correctly and baking them. On top of that, he’s also exploring his artistic side by designing his own cupcake liners, picking frosting colors and adding decorations. He delights in making me cupcakes and even asks for requests. I’ll usually request something like a pink cupcake with green frosting and chocolate chips on top and he can deliver it, which show that this simple app is also helping him learn to follow directions and keep track of steps in his head.

Let’s see it in action!

The first action you take is selecting a recipe:

IMG_3411 (361x640)

Then you decide if you want to make it from scratch or use an instant mix.

IMG_3412 (361x640)

Selecting an instant mix bypasses the assembly stage, but the assembly stage is fun so you should do it!

I chose to make a confetti cake, so ingredients specific to this recipe are gathered.


IMG_3413 (361x640)

One by one I add the ingredients to the bowl by dragging and dropping them in. Each ingredient requires some sort of action to complete the step. For example, when I add sugar I have to tip my iPhone to the side to pour it in:

IMG_3417 (361x640)IMG_3418 (361x640)

Eggs need to be cracked, which you do by tapping them:

IMG_3414 (361x640)

Butter is sliced:

IMG_3416 (361x640)IMG_3415 (361x640)

Vanilla is poured by tipping the phone:


IMG_3421 (361x640)

And so on.

Once the recipe is assembled, you mix it all up by swirling your finger around in the bowl.

IMG_3423 (361x640)

The next step is to select the cupcake pan you want to use:

IMG_3424 (361x640)

Then you select the liner you want to use. You can pick the color and designs.


IMG_3426 (361x640)IMG_3428 (361x640)

Then you bake it:


IMG_3429 (361x640)IMG_3431 (361x640)

Once baked, its time to decorate! You can decorate each cupcake in your pan differently. I’ll just show you one.

IMG_3432 (361x640)

Now we get to pick frosting! My favorite part. You can make it all one color, swirl it or basically design it any way you want.

IMG_3433 (361x640)

I did a simple vanilla frosting.

IMG_3436 (361x640)

Then you pick your topping. There are three screens to choose from.

IMG_3437 (361x640)IMG_3438 (361x640)IMG_3439 (361x640)

I did a mix of sprinkles, colored candies and a cherry on top.

IMG_3443 (361x640)

The last decorative option is selecting a topper. There are two screens to choose from. I find this part the most difficult.

IMG_3445 (361x640)IMG_3444 (361x640)

Its only hard because once you place the topper and arrange it just so, its hard to figure out how to stick it there. The only way I can do it is to switch to a new screen but I don’t think kids would do that intuitively. Dylan seems to have issues with it anyway.

IMG_3446 (361x640)

All done and ready to eat!

IMG_3447 (361x640)

And that’s exactly what you do next: eat it! You simply tap the screen to take bites (though Dylan uses his mouth.)


IMG_3449 (361x640)IMG_3451 (361x640)

Here’s an example with a frosting swirl:

IMG_3457 (361x640)

That’s about it! Its simple to use but offers lots of opportunities for learning and creativity. I recommend this cupcake version or any of the Shoe the Goose doodle apps for kids three years old and beyond!

The nitty gritty: Cupcake Doodle is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. It costs $0.99 and can be downloaded here. Cupcake Doodle and many other doodle apps are designed by Shoe the Goose. so check them all out and pick one that will interest your kid the most. They are not all food-related, either!


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DONNA CUSHING September 1, 2013 at 12:17 pm

This is my kind of all! I know we will have fun with it. I love the way Dylan puts the phone up to his mouth to eat his creation . I wonder… Do they have a lasagna app? Maybe he would get interested. It’s great that you are using the app to reinforce remembering more than one direction at a time and sequencing …all good stuff!


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