What’s App-ening Wednesday: Hydration Station

by Courtney Sirotin on July 25, 2013

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Do you feel well hydrated? Do you ever get hangovers? If you answered “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second, then have I got an app for you!


I’m very proud of Jay and his teammates at Apptacular for the release of the Hydration Station app today! It’s the fist EVER hangover prevention app as well as a daily hydration reminder.

You can download Hydration Station on iTunes here!

For years now, whenever Jay has gone out for drinks, he has self-imposed what he calls, “Hydration Station Time”, which basically means he offsets his alcoholic drinks with glasses of water and that prevents him from getting a hangover. One day he and his friends decided Hydration Station, a formal reminder to fuel up on water, would be a great idea for an app so they did a bunch of research and decided to make it happen. It was a pretty big undertaking but it all came together and now the app is live. Hopefully it will help a lot of people and keep them entertained while they’re drinking. Speaking of entertainment, did I mention the funny voices you can choose from to remind you to hydrate? More and more of them will be released over time too.


Let me give you a little tour…

When the app launches you decide if you want to use the app for prevention against a hangover, to remind you to hydrate for your daily hydration needs, or both.


If you choose to hydrate against a hangover then you have the option to enter in the exact alcoholic drinks you are consuming so that the app can calculate exactly how much water you will need to drink to offset the alcohol in the specific drinks you have imbibed. You can then set a series of reminders to tell you – in very funny/weird/silly ways – to drink the necessary amount of water.


You scroll through all the beverage options until you find your drink and then you continue to update the app with each new alcoholic drink you have as well as glasses of water. The app will continue to modify your hydration goals as you update it throughout your drinking session.


The other function of the app is a daily hydration reminder, which you can set at a schedule of your choosing to remind you to drink water throughout the day. You can keep track of your hydration by highlighting a wedge each time you have a glass of water.


While the app is really useful and I have seen it prevent hangovers in action, I truly think people will enjoy it the most because of the funny characters you can choose from that harass you to drink. Its basically a hangover prevention app and a drinking game all at once. And if that makes sense to you, then you are the right person to download it!

Support Jay and download Hydration Station right now! Let’s pee clear together!


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