What’s App-ening Wednesday: Itsy Bitsy Spider

by Courtney Sirotin on January 11, 2013

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When it comes time for me to pick a children’s app to review here I don’t look much further than my own son. In the days leading up to one of these posts I start to pay closer attention to which apps Dylan is using when he’s playing on my iPhone or iPad. I figure, if something is keeping his interest its worth sharing with other people looking for apps for their kids. If I find he is learning something valuable in addition to being entertained, it’s a done deal. With so many apps to choose from, having a kid-tested and mom-approved pick saves time and ensures you’re getting your money’s worth. I’ve blown a lot of money on dud apps and it’s a major bummer.

Picking an app to review this week was easy because Dylan has been addicted to the Itsy Bitsy Spider app by Kids Game Club for a couple of weeks now.

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Its one of those free apps that offers limited access to until you pay to upgrade. I love this kind of app because it allows you to see if your child is responding to it before you invest in the full version, and then when you do upgrade you get to watch your child discover that previously off-limit selections are suddenly in play. For some reason, I get a real kick out of that! Anyway, Dylan really liked the free version of this app and just loves the full one.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider app is one of many from developer Kids Game Club. Most of their apps take a familiar children’s song like Itsy Bitsy Spider and use it as the running theme in a number of in-app learning games. For example, this app has a main screen where kids can pick to enter different games and each game develops a different skill.

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There are games for coloring, puzzles, math, counting, directions, shapes, mazes, music, and more.

IMG_7246 (640x361)

IMG_7251 (640x361)

IMG_7249 (640x361)

While each game helps develop a skill, they are first and foremost entertaining. The animations are bright and colorful, each section is highly interactive, and encouragement is given by way of positive reinforcement.

IMG_7256 (640x361)IMG_7257 (640x361)

There are tons of apps to choose from when it comes to learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes, but I haven’t seen many that teach directions (left, right, up and down) and mazes like this app does.

IMG_7254 (640x361)

I’m enjoying using this app as a starting place for introducing these specific concepts to Dylan. I have been creating mazes on paper for him as well and focusing on directions more than I used to. I thank this app for reminding me to explore these skills with my son!

IMG_7258 (640x361)

The nitty gritty: The Itsy Bitsy Spider – All In One Educational Activity Center And Sing Along is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. There is a free version with limited access. The full version is $1.99. Download the app here. Itsy Bitsy Spider is developed by Kids Games Club and they have a slew of great apps. Be sure to check them out in iTunes!


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