What’s App-ening Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play

by Courtney Sirotin on April 24, 2013

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I know, I know: the Potato Head family gets a lot of screen time on this blog. What can I say? My kid’s a spudaholic.

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The last app I reviewed was Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts. If you recall, while writing the post I happened upon a Mr. Potato Head app on the developer’s website and I pretty much freaked out because I knew Dylan would love it. I downloaded it right away and showed it to Dylan the next day. My expectations were met and exceeded! Dylan was delighted by it.

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That was awhile ago. Actually, since I have a record of dates on this blog, I can tell you that that was almost three months ago. Since then, Dylan has played this app countless times and Callaway Digital has gone on to release a Mrs. Potato Head app which he also plays frequently, though he seems to have loyalty to Mr. Potato Head because he plays that one more often.

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As far as I can tell, the two apps (Mr. & Mrs.) are exactly the same save for a few graphics and their color schemes, which are gender specific. Mr. Potato Head’s dressing room is blue and yellow while Mrs. Potato Head’s is purple and pink. To that end, you can download either app and know you’re not missing out on anything if you don’t download the other.

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So! Let’s talk about what this app is all about. Since they are identical, I’ll switch back and forth between the two as I show screenshots of them in action. The premise of the act is that Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head are putting on a show. You help your spud get dressed in a dressing room by choosing his or her look from an ever-growing catalog of faces and styles.

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You have the option to stick noses where eyes go, arms on heads and all of the usual options you have when dressing a Potato Head in real life. You can mix and match all the different looks to create various looks.

Its easy to go from here:

IMG_1205 (640x361)

To here:

IMG_1207 (640x361)

The app is three dimensional so you can spin your spud in every direction to fully enjoy your creations, or just to get a better view of where to stick the ears.

IMG_1229 (640x361)

Once you have your Potato Head dressed to your liking, you select the scene in which you want it to perform. Options range from ballrooms to outer space.

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A curtain falls and raises and then the scene appears. Within each scene you can select a range of skits that the Potato Head will perform for you. Each skit is cute and clever and some will produce mighty giggles from your child!

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Here, Mrs. Potato Head sniff a flower…

IMG_1225 (640x361)

The flower makes her sneeze and her face pops off for a second then falls back in place:

IMG_1226 (640x361)

The characters don’t speak but they make a silly sounds which is even better on an entertainment level. One of Dylan’s favorites skits is when Mr. Potato Head exercises because he likes to join in.

IMG_1234 (640x361)

There is a lot to explore within this app because each scene delivers six scene-specific actions and there are many scenes with new ones being released regularly. Your child will probably find his or her favorite outfits, scenes and actions and want to play those combinations over and over again. I like to play the app with Dylan sometimes to encourage him to explore some of the other options and expand his Potato Head repertoire. The combinations of faces and scene are endless so there is room for a lot of creativity by the user. You can snap photos of your creations from within the scenes as well, so you can save/message/Facebook/print your favorites!

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The Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play apps are simple and that’s why I like them. The functions are limited and your child can easily master them on his or her own. The graphics are big, crisp and colorful and the animations are nuanced and highly entertaining. The Potato Head characters have distinct personalities and they like to put on a show. Unlike strictly educational apps, your child can enjoy and explore this app without pressure to perform but there is a lot of creativity involved in making your Potato Head creations and arranging the faces.

The nitty gritty: The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Create & Play apps are compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. They are free apps and can be download here and here, respectively. The Potato Head apps are developed by Callaway Digital Arts and they have a slew of high-quality, mostly free apps featuring favorite characters like Thomas & Friends, Cookie Monster, Grover, Elmo, Angelina and Miss Spider. Their best app, in my opinion, is Endless Alphabet, which I have reviewed previously here.


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I know Dylan and the other grandchildren will enjoy playing with the Mr, Potato Head app on my phone! Thanks for the great idea!


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