What’s App-ening Wednesday: Nick Jr Draw & Play

by Courtney Sirotin on January 3, 2013

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Everyone enjoys a good doodling app! In fact, doodling offers all sorts of benefits ranging from mental relaxation to highly charged creative expression. My favorite doodling app for kids is called Nick Jr Draw & Play.

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Nick Jr Draw & Play is actually much more than just a doodling app. It is an app where children (and, okay, adults. I love using this app!) can create art using many forms of virtual mediums while also engaging with their favorite Nick Jr. cartoon characters.


Users can draw, paint, color, sketch, splatter, animate, create scenes, explore wands with “special powers”, set off fireworks, and basically interact with what seem like truly magical effects. I have to hand it to the creators of this app because even though I am an adult who understands how apps are designed on computers by coders, I am still mesmerized by the special effects of this app. They evoke the kind of feelings you might get if you were standing in a snow globe filled with glitter or if Skittles really fell from the sky.

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This app is best enjoyed on an iPad, though Dylan also plays it on my phone.

There are many functions and activities available, some of which Dylan hasn’t even explored yet because he’s still enjoying his early favorites. Dylan doesn’t watch many Nick Jr. shows but that doesn’t affect his experience with this app at all. The television-related functions definitely take a back-burner to the art-related functions and your child can choose to bring the characters into his or her play or leave them out completely.

Another great feature of this app is how intuitive it is to use. I never showed Dylan how to use it but he has it all figured out. At most I would suggest installing it on your iPad and exploring it yourself while your child looks on. Soon enough he or she will push you aside and take over. Winking smile

Any artwork you create can be saved to your camera roll or shared with your friends. When you close out of the app you have the option to resume your latest project once you open it again. You can erase manually, go back one step, or toss the whole project in just a couple clicks. Dylan does all of these things himself so it is a really great app to give a child when you need them to keep busy for a few minutes but can’t be involved in what they are doing. I like knowing that he is keeping himself busy while also exploring his creative side with this app!

Clearly, I love this app, but you don’t have to take my word for it! Nick Jr Draw & Play was the #1 app in the Education category in iTunes and was selected as an Editor’s Choice App by Apple in June!

The nitty gritty: Nick Jr Draw & Play is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. It costs $1.99 for iPhones/iPod touches and $3.99 for iPads. Totally worth it. Download the iPhone/iPod version here and the iPad one here. Nick Jr Draw & Play is developed by Nickelodeon.


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