What’s In My Bag

by Courtney Sirotin on February 1, 2013

I enjoy seeing what’s in other people’s bags. Most people carry the usual things like a wallet, keys, lip balm and gum, but there’s always something interesting that sets them apart or reveals certain aspects of their personality. A set of rosary beads or a pack of cigarettes, for example, would tell different stories.

This is my bag today.

IMG_7760 (640x480)

I say “today” because it changes daily depending on where I’m going and what I need to take for Dylan. Often I toss two or three bags in the car when we go somewhere so that I’m prepared for any situation. If we had to live off of snack foods for a week while stranded in the car somewhere, we probably could. At any rate, this is my bag as of tonight and its one of two hat I had with me today. The other had the snacks.

Let’s unpack this one in layers.

IMG_7761 (640x480)

First up is a plastic storage bag containing a change of clothes for Dylan and a diaper.

IMG_7762 (640x480)

Add to that another plastic bag with another diaper and also some wipes.

IMG_7763 (640x480)

For good measure, add in one more plastic bag with another solitary diaper.

IMG_7764 (640x480)

Clearly I have these half-full bags lying around and throw them in my bag haphazardly. Okay, so lets take a look at the next layer.

IMG_7766 (640x480)

This layer contains all your usual items. There’s a key, loose money, an empty plastic food container, a debit card, my license, Mr. Potato Head and another plastic bag, this one doubling as my wallet.

IMG_7768 (640x480)

I tend to turn heads when I whip out my plastic baggie wallet. People either laugh or feel bad for me. I actually own real wallets, this baggie situation just sort of…happens…when I get busy. I might toss some money and credit cards in my bag when I’m running late which leads me to grab a plastic bag to contain them and then that turns into a plastic bag that acquires other things that need containing. Eventually, I’m schlepping a baggie like this one from one bag to another and turning heads when I take it out in public.

IMG_7770 (640x480)

Also of note from this layer: a tape measure, marker and chap stick.

IMG_7774 (640x480)

A side pocket contains a few more gems.

IMG_7777 (640x480)

Just some gum, a notebook, more chap stick and a quarter.

IMG_7778 (640x480)

Last but not least, a pair of broken earrings.

IMG_7781 (640x480)

I was walking down a flight of stairs with Dylan outside of Gymboree yesterday when one of these earrings fell out of my ear and broke. I tossed them in my bag even though I couldn’t find the stone that fell out and knew I’d have to throw them out.

And that about sums up my bag situation. I think what this spread says about me is that I am disorganized and not very girly. Also, I should buy stock in Ziploc.

I have this idea that most women have enviable designer purses with matching wallets and cute little compacts, but even if I had a bag like that it would look like this in a week:

IMG_7784 (640x480)

I mean, its pretty telling when, after emptying the entire contents of my bag on the table, I don’t even take the opportunity to sort it all out. Nope, I just shove it all back in there.

IMG_7785 (640x480)

It’s just how I roll.

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LYDIA JOY February 1, 2013 at 4:44 am

Fun post! I heard about you on The Because Show’s Facebook page, and decided to come over for a visit.

If you haven’t thrown the earrings out yet, you could repurpose the whole earring into a necklace pendant. You just need to switch out the hook for a ring.

Usually in my bag I’ll have chapstick, my wallet, my phone, keys, a book, and a bunch of tissues!


COURTNEY February 1, 2013 at 11:48 am

Good idea! I have a bunch of empty chains so I’ll give it a shot! Your bag reveals that you like to read and have a cold. Ha! Thanks for stopping by…come back soon! (p.s. I love The Because Show!)


DONNA CUSHING February 4, 2013 at 7:58 pm

I think the state of a person’s bag reflects the state of their life.


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