Happy Birthday, Handsome!

by Courtney Sirotin on July 19, 2013

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Today is Jason Richard Sirotin’s birthday. Better known around these parts as Jay. Better known to me as husband and best friend. Do you believe in soul mates? I do.

In honor of Jay’s birthday, and to share why I love him so, I present this list of 10 Ways Jay Is Awesome for your reading pleasure.

(FYI – I know this is totally sappy and you’re probably rolling your eyes, but I’m doing it anyway.)

1. He Is Fearless Yet Disarming

If Jay has something to say, he says it. If he comes up with an off color joke, he’ll tell it. If he wants to sell you a used tissue, you’ll buy it. He has a way of saying what is usually unsaid and having his candor celebrated. Everybody who gets to know Jay likes him. And those few people who don’t like him right off the bat probably will if they get a chance to know him better. As much as he’s bold and brazen, he’s affable and empathetic. He can get away with doing and saying things that others can’t because he does nothing with the intention of malice and its always clear that he comes from a good place.

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3. He’s Cunning Yet Gullible

Jay can talk off the cuff about anything. He can sell himself as an expert on just about anything too. When he’s talking to someone one on one, he has a way of figuring out what they need/want to hear and giving it to them in order to further their agenda as well as his own. As savvy as he is in things like business, in other ways he’s extremely innocent. Its easy to pull a prank on Jay or get him riled up about something because he takes people at their word. If someone tells him a fib he’s prone to believe them. I like this quality in him because it shows that he thinks people are generally good and he’s predisposed to trust them. He wants you to think he’s a cutthroat salesman, but he’s not. He doesn’t sell well because he’s deceptive; he sells well because he’s earnest.

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4. He Cares About Dreams

Jay supports me in every which way. He gives me the means and freedom to pursue my dreams, whatever they are at the moment. He never pressures me to do something I don’t enjoy just for the sake of a paycheck, even when we really need them. Whether it was being on TV, opening a bakery, writing a book, opening a personal training business from our basement or having a child, he was on board and supportive. Sometimes I keep my wild ideas to myself because as soon as I say them out loud to Jay, they start to become real. He wants to see me, and everyone in his life, realize their dreams. I think that’s why he’s sometimes impractical; he’ll toss aside reality if it threatens a dream. But that’s also what makes so many of his dreams come true; he truly believes they can all become reality.

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5. He Never Stops Evolving

I’m the kind of person to say, “I’m messy and I’ll never change!” Jays the kind of person to say, “I’ve created a system that will keep me organized even though I have a history of messiness. From now on I will be an orderly person.” And it will work for him. He is always improving upon himself in ways I wouldn’t think possible. When he decides to work on something, whether its as simple as a lifestyle change or as large as a personality trait, he makes it happen. His perseverance and willpower are shocking to me. He does things like study the lives and teachings of people he admires and implements their practices. He has very clear dreams of success for himself and I have the honor of watching him in this moment, in these exciting years of our lives, as he’s making them come true. I have no doubt that someday some young entrepreneur will be implementing Jay’s teachings and practices on his or her own journey toward success.

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6. He Loves to Learn

Jay never feels content with his understanding of the world or his own skill set. He’s constantly studying and learning about things in his industry and beyond. Because he works with clients across all industries, he’s always learning about how their companies and business models work too. He meets a lot of people and learns about their passions and keeps all the information swimming around in his head. All the information he gathers and the personal connections he makes end up converging in these big, bold ideas that Jason then pursues. This can be something really practical, like forming an internet marketing business, or as random as setting out to create the next big boy band (a declaration he made to me just the other night after realizing he had a couple good contacts in the music industry). He’s interest in the world and how everything fits together. When he’s not learning, he’s thinking about ways to capitalize on what he’s just learned.

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7. He Will Not Tell a Lie

Jay may be the most honest sales person ever. He really hates deceit and drama and will try to avoid it at all costs. He’s an open book, which is why people like and trust him. He also expects others to be generally honest too, which goes back to my earlier comment about him being a little bit innocent. I think he’s honest because its in his nature, but also because drama makes him very uncomfortable. Every once in awhile I might ask him to tell a little white lie on my behalf and he’ll refuse. He doesn’t have the bandwidth for dishonesty and all the mental juggling it involves. In turn, I really appreciate the mental freedom I get from knowing I can trust him.

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8. He’s an Extrovert. Big Time.

Jay is a people person and gets energy from social interactions. He is the most social person I have ever met. His cell phone goes off nonstop and even when he’s overwhelmed by it, I spy a glimmer in his eye every time it blows up. His mom told me that he’s always been like this and that his pager would go off nonstop in high school too. The only time he successfully and willingly checks out is on a boat, but that doesn’t happen very often. He keeps busy making connections with people even when he doesn’t have too. In the midst of his busy day, he even finds time to stay active on all the big social media outlets. I’m kind of an introvert so it all blows my mind. I like this quality in Jay because it keeps me active in the world by proxy. Jason loves his friends and wants them all along on the ride of life with them.

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9. He Treasures Dylan

No one can make Dylan laugh like Jay. I spend all day with Dylan and might get a couple giggles out of him and then Jay comes home and has him in stitches with very little effort. Jason is always capturing Dylan on film and I sometimes want him to put his camera away and just be in the moment but then I see the pictures and they blow me away. You can tell what someone is feeling when you see how they capture it on film and Jay is clearly in love with his son. I also love the way Jay treats Dylan with respect and always makes sure he is being heard, just like if he were an adult. Jay is very aware that Dylan is a person with his own dreams and desires and he’s already trying to make sure he has the room and opportunity to pursue them. I can’t even imagine how meaningful this will be to Dylan as he grows up.

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10. There’s Never A Dull Moment

I don’t know many things for sure, but I do know that as long as I am with Jay life will be exciting. I’ve had a lot of interesting and sometimes downright bizarre experiences during my years with Jay and I appreciate them all. I like being with an ambitious dreamer because there’s this sense that every day, anything is possible. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Sometimes it’s a little scary that I can’t imagine what our lives will be like in ten years or even five. I don’t know where we will be living or what our day to day life will entail, but If given the choice to have it all planned out, as reassuring as that would be, I don’t think I would take it. I think a sense of adventure is something that binds us together.

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Well, I feel a little exposed putting all of this out there, but I want the way I see Jay to be memorialized in some way and this feels right to me. He’s a pretty great guy and I’m pumped that he’s my husband.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

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DONNA July 24, 2013 at 10:30 am

What a wonderful gift for Jay on his birthday! Jay is an amazing guy! Happy Birthday, Jason!


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