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by Courtney Sirotin on March 17, 2012

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Dylan had a great day. It started with breakfast fit for a king. Cinnamon oatmeal, waffles with strawberries, bacon and orange juice:

He drank his juice, ate two bites of the oatmeal and sucked on the bacon and then spit it out. I ate the rest…as usual.

What made the day special was that Dylan got to spend it with his hero, Ryder. We call Ryder “Uncle Cuz” because he is so much older than his other cousins. I pulled the two of them on the sled for a while…grass sledding is becoming a thing around here. Ryder is planning to be in the WWF when he grows up so he also gave Dylan and me an inside peak at some of his moves.

IMG_2707 (640x480)

During Dylan’s nap I made Ryder’s lunch. It was so gratifying to watch someone eat something I made!

IMG_2712 (640x480)

We went to an arcade in the afternoon. I enjoyed bonking sharks on the head:

IMG_2736 (480x640)

But the highlight was a Price Is Right type game that spit out tons of tickets.

IMG_2729 (640x480)

Ryder hit the jackpot!

IMG_2727 (640x480)

And scored these killer car dice:

IMG_2739 (640x480)

After that we got ice cream because that’s my favorite activity. It wasn’t hard to convince them to join me:

IMG_2741 (640x480)

Kind of an awesome day! I’m happy I got to spend some quality time with Ryder before I leave. He was cracking me up because he told me that when he grows up if the WWF thing doesn’t work out he wants to be a monk in the Himalayan Mountains where he will grow his hair out long, make Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Bagels and serve tea with lemon to visitors who seek him out for his sage advice. I can’t stop thinking about those bagels…mmmmm….

Jay is at a bachelor party in New Orleans this weekend. He’s been sending me pictures of things but I like this one the best because he looks like he’s having a great time:

I’ll catch you on Sunday night or Monday morning with my Weekend Recap!

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