Mess, Clean, Mess, Repeat

by Courtney Sirotin on November 14, 2012

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Have you ever had that experience on a diet where one small splurge turns into two…turns into three…turns into a box of Snickers bars? That’s what happens to me when it comes to housekeeping (and diets). I start with the best of intentions, but once a little mess starts to form and I can’t take care of it right away, I quickly give up and just let it pile up. It all just happens so fast.

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It rained all day yesterday. I took Dylan out in the morning but decided to stay home in the afternoon. I had to keep him busy so things (paint, Play-Doh, water toys, chalk, etc.) started coming out one after another. I couldn’t keep up and, honestly, I didn’t really try.

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The truth is, I ate chocolate chips from a bag and mixed paint with shaving cream until Dylan was hungry enough for dinner and then I put on the television and tackled the mess all at once while he ate.

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Some people maintain order throughout the day by cleaning as they go, but when I try to do that it makes me anxious and takes all my focus and energy. The fact that I managed to keep paint off our walls while Dylan ran around with loaded paint brushes all afternoon is success enough for me. I don’t have high expectations for myself in these matters.


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Mess, clean, mess, repeat. Its an annoying cycle, but a necessary one, I suppose. Especially because all of the good times seem to happen during the making of a mess. Winking smile

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