Weekend Recap: All The News That’s Fit To Blog

by Courtney Sirotin on January 14, 2014

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We had a mellow weekend around here, which everyone seemed to need. I had a doctor’s appointment last week that indicated that I need to take things really easy until the baby is born, so I have been trying to do rest frequently in between small activities like housework and running errands. Its kind of complicated to explain, but basically I might be at risk for preterm labor (which I already knew) and limiting my activity now might help and hopefully prevent having to go on bed rest. I’ll know more in a couple weeks at my follow-up.

Saturday morning we just hung around the house. I played with Dylan while Jay did some work in the baby’s room. Here’s a shot of Dylan making popcorn for a snack. He loves watching it erupt from the popcorn maker.

IMG_5758 (640x480)

Later in the day we went out to lunch and then hit up a couple stores. We took Dylan to Toys R’ Us for a treat and then TJ Maxx to get some pillows and bedding. We have to switch up some sleeping arrangements to make room for the baby and visitors that will be coming when he gets here. We are putting an extra bed in the rec room upstairs, which is kind of unconventional but it’s the only place we could fit one. We also have a closet situation we need to figure out as Jay’s clothes have been in the baby’s closet and will need to relocate. We are seriously outgrowing this house.

IMG_5762 (640x480)

We picked up a few random snacks at TJ Maxx and I was surprised when Dylan actually ate these banana macaroons!

IMG_0792 (640x480)

Here, he’s offering one to you.

IMG_0796 (640x480)

Jay and I watched This Is The End at night after Dylan went to bed. I loved/hated the movie. It was really funny but had over-the-top horror movie gory stuff that always scares me. If you aren’t a wuss like me and you  can handle fake blood by the buckets, you should watch it because it really was good.


Sunday was more of the same in terms of kicking it around the house all morning. Dylan and I made smashed avocado brownies that were insanely good.

IMG_0807 (640x480)

I’ll post the recipe this week because its definitely worth sharing.

IMG_0805 (640x480)

Any time I can get Dylan to eat avocado without realizing it, I want to spread the word. I even snuck some chia seeds in these!

IMG_0839 (640x480)

Later in the day we ran into Target for Jay to stock up on Tupperware because he wants to start bringing his lunches to work. This is exciting stuff, right?!

IMG_5767 (640x480)

Dylan used his powers of persuasion to get us to buy him another little toy. He is newly obsessed with Transformer’s Rescue Bots and is collecting the set.

His latest acquisition was Blades:


Here it is on Amazon.

We also went to a park to take advantage of the warm weather. Dylan was pumped to be there and we stayed for a long time.

IMG_5786 (640x480)

Jay did the heavy lifting while I sat on a bench feeling guilty for relaxing.

IMG_5780 (640x480)

IMG_5785 (640x480)

We had a late lunch out, hit up the grocery store and then made our way home. Later, Jay surprised Dylan with the book Where the Sidewalk Ends. Jay and I both loved this book growing up so we hope Dylan loves it too.

IMG_5792 (640x480)

I’m taking Dylan to see a puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts tomorrow and then I have my glucose test and a rhogam shot to get on Wednesday. As of now, that’s all the news that’s fit to blog. Smile

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DONNA January 14, 2014 at 4:35 am

It looks like you had a really nice family day. I am glad you got some rest. Dylan looks so cute with his new transformer! I am looking forward to trying the brownies! They look yummy!


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