Weekend Recap: Artistic Expressions and Glory Be

by Courtney Sirotin on July 9, 2012

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Saturday was a relatively quiet day. Dylan and I had an easy morning playing at home. He enjoyed putting little candy pieces into the tube of an electric airplane thingy.

IMG_4397 (640x480)

My mom watched Dylan while I worked out and then my mom, grandmother (Rose!), Dylan and I went to Panera for lunch. Dylan gobbled up some cheddar broccoli soup!

IMG_2137 (640x480)

While we were at lunch my father was cleaning out an old desk and came across some of my old writings and things. I looked through them while Dylan was napping and it was so weird! For starters, here is a random picture of me in my early twenties holding a picture of me from my adolescent years:

IMG_4415 (640x480)

And then there was this mint container.

IMG_4398 (640x480)

It must have caught my dad off guard when he opened it to discover it was a homework assignment. After reading the note I included for my teacher I discovered that the assignment was for an art class and I was supposed to draw something but I ignored that and wrote a poem instead. I tried to make it artistic by putting it in a mint container…or something.

IMG_4400 (640x480)

IMG_4403 (640x480)

And this must have been from the same class. (So embarrassing!)

IMG_4405 (640x480)

It appears here I agreed to try to draw something but, again, softened my artistic inabilities with some extraneous writing because on the back of the sketch I included an exploration into the psyche of the person I had sketched.


It appears I tried to distract my art teacher with lots of words!

IMG_4408 (640x480)

I also found this old floppy disk. I would love to know what’s on it but floppy disk drives must be obsolete by now, right?

IMG_4409 (640x480)

I also discovered my first of two compilation books of poetry. This one was written during my high school/teenage angst years and while I still really like some of it, there are some funny things in there!

IMG_4419 (640x480)

Case in point:

IMG_4429 (640x480)

(I remember skewing all the formatting to illicit an uncomfortable response from the reader. Did it work?!)

After Dylan’s nap we went with my parents to Wolfeboro, NH to walk around (Wolfeboro is where Jay and I got married = <;3). There was an art festival going on and Dylan had fun running around and nearly demolishing all the booths. IMG_4436 (640x480)

He also took a stab at some art himself!

IMG_4440 (640x480)

Back home Dylan really enjoyed watching the Lawrence Welk show with my grandmother (Rose!).

IMG_4444 (640x480)

Finally, I cooked a big pot of millet (aka “bird seed”) for dinner because that’s how I roll.

IMG_4447 (640x480)


Today, Sunday, was my nephew, Trevor’s, baptism! Here he is with his grandmother and great-grandmother (Rose!).

IMG_2148IMG_2154 (640x480)

I was worried about how Dylan would behave in church because he is a wiggle worm and not used to dialing it back, but he did pretty well…

IMG_4453 (640x480)

…for five minutes. And then my sister, Alana, and I had to take Dylan and my niece, Julia, to the soundproof cry room because they were getting rowdy!

IMG_4455 (640x480)

Turns out we had a pretty good view of the alter anyway. Here’s Trevor about to get the holy water poured on his head. I was worried I was going to make my sister, Kelly, laugh through the glass so I had to look away.

IMG_4458 (640x480)

Trevor’s family:


Everyone at the baptism came back to my parents house for lunch. We enjoyed a yummy spread of sandwiches, fruit, salads, chips, cake and cookies.

IMG_4460 (640x480)

The weather today was insanely perfect. High 70s with a cooling breeze…ahhh. We all really enjoyed spending the afternoon outside.

photo 3 (640x480)

The cousins played hard all day.

photo 2 (640x478)

Consequently, the adults had to play hard too! We pushed them on swings, kicked balls, formed human jungle gyms, dragged them around on parachutes…

IMG_4463 (640x480)

Quite a workout! It was all worth it to see them having so much fun together and getting lots of fresh air.

IMG_4470 (640x480)

Even little Trevor was kicking back!

IMG_4480 (640x480)

This picture of Parker makes me so happy because he’s taking a nap on a blanket in the yard listening to music and laughter and feeling the breeze in his hair.

IMG_4473 (640x480)

Doesn’t get much better than that!


Dylan agrees.

photo 1 (640x478)


Hope you all had a great weekend, too! I’m looking forward to my last full week here in New Hampshire and then I’m really looking forward to reuniting with Jason after that! Dylan and I miss him so much!

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DONNA July 10, 2012 at 11:04 am

It was a wonder-filled weekend and you captured it beautifully. This is a time to treasure!


JASON July 10, 2012 at 11:42 am

Great post. I think I shot that photo of you holding the other photo at the house on fairfax. I also found that picture during the move.

Great post. Love the pics of Dylan.


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