Weekend Recap: Don’t Be Tardy For The Party!

by Courtney Sirotin on March 19, 2012

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Wow, what a weekend! Two birthdays were celebrated and lots of cake was consumed. But before I get into the details, can I just say how awesome open windows are? We don’t have screens in our windows in Georgia so I never get to open them (too many bugs) but they have been open all day here and it is so refreshing! Open windows have a major impact on my mood.

On to the festivities!


Saturday started with a mini-outing. Dylan, my mom, grandmother, sister, her kids and I met at TGI Fridays for lunch.

IMG_0289 (640x480)

I ordered the Mediterranean Tapa-tizer Skewer which was pretty good. Dylan had chicken and broccoli soup and a bunch of fries. I tried to get him to eat some grilled chicken but didn’t have any luck.

IMG_0298 (640x480)

After lunch we went to the mall because my sister wanted to get me a birthday present. While we were there Parker rode his first mall ride. Dylan showed him the ropes…

IMG_0311 (640x480)

I saw this post card on the counter in one of the stores and I couldn’t help myself:


Later that night I was craving frosting bad so I made the executive decision that we should break into my birthday cake a day early. We had an impromptu celebration:

IMG_0353 (640x480)

I am horrified to say that for dinner Dylan ate garlic bread and birthday cake. I tried to feed him the tortellini and marinara sauce my mom made but he wouldn’t touch it.

IMG_0355 (640x480)

Dylan has been eating way too many greasy and fatty foods this week and his stomach is not tolerating it well. In Georgia we hardly ever eat out and I try to offer him healthy food so I know we will eat better soon but I still feel pretty guilty about the way he’s been eating these last couple weeks. Starting today (Sunday) I have been giving him more healthy options and already his stomach seems to be more settled.


I had a great birthday morning! It was definitely sad not to see Jay today but it was also the first birthday I’ve celebrated with my family in years, so that made it special.

After breakfast my mother watched Dylan while I went on a glorious run on the mountain roads. It was in the 70s here today and being outside was a dream.

Today was also party day. Parker was sick the week of his actual birthday so his party was postponed until today. It was a special treat to be able to share my birthday with him! Here I am holding Parker at my sister Kelly’s house. He had an Elmo-themed party.


My other sister, Alana, offered to feed Dylan his lunch for me so that I could relax for a few minutes. She knows how much it stresses me out and wanted to give me a birthday break. Here she is on the deck with Dylan in the highchair and Parker looking on. Alana’s husband, Jamie, was the one who successfully got Dylan to eat his lentil soup. This was my view from the couch…

IMG_0395 (640x480)

…where I was very seriously trying not to look!

IMG_0393 (640x480)

Parker was so cute with his cake.


I snapped pictures.

IMG_1226 (480x640)

As you can see, at first he was skeptical but quickly realized frosting is awesome.

IMG_0417 (640x480)IMG_0448 (640x480)

I know there are some parents of toddlers reading this blog so I wanted to show you a picture of one of the cool toys Parker got for his birthday! This is a Little Tikes 3 in 1 Trike. All the kids tried it out and it seemed to be a big hit. I’m thinking about getting one for Dylan when I get home. My only concern is that he seemed more interested in climbing in and out of it than actually riding in it and that might just be annoying for me. If I don’t get him this I’m going to get him a motorized vehicle of some sort because he tried one of those out once and really loved it. I’ll keep you posted.

IMG_0476 (640x480)

When Parker’s party was over everyone made their way to my parents’ house to celebrate my birthday. I told them I really didn’t need a separate celebration but they were insistent. Since it was so nice out we tried to keep the kids playing outside. They blew bubbles, drew on the driveway and ran around the yard. The usual.

IMG_7652 (640x478)

Perhaps my very favorite moment of the day was captured in the picture below. Dylan and Julia were both calm and cuddled up on my lap while we played on an iPhone. Julia was mindlessly playing with Dylan’s toes and I almost fainted from the cuteness.

IMG_7661 (478x640)

FYI – Kelly got Parker the iPhone activity case I mentioned in this post (that’s the case in the picture above) and it’s really awesome!

Finally, the day ended with more cake. My mom turned the cake from last night around so that you couldn’t see where we started eating it, added a candle and everyone sang Happy Birthday again. A sweet ending to a sweet day.

IMG_7676 (640x478)

Thank you everyone for such a special birthday!

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JASON SIROTIN March 19, 2012 at 2:46 am

Happy birthday. You are an amazing woman. The I love boobies thing is great. He does love boobies. Who can blame him. 🙂


DONNA CUSHING March 19, 2012 at 10:35 am

March 18th is a special day for both of us.
I am so happy we could spend it together!
After reading your recap I can see what a busy and glorious weekend it was! I love you, Courtney! I love when you and Dylan come home!


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