Weekend Recap: Hot Dogs and Valor

by Courtney Sirotin on May 13, 2013

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Grab a donut, sit down and relax. Let’s take a moment to reflect upon my weekend. When I’m done, we’ll talk about yours.

Actually, heck, I always go first. Why don’t you go first this time?

I don’t hear you talking.

Fine, I’ll go first.


Have I mentioned that Dylan attends a Jewish preschool a couple times a week? Its an amazing school and we discovered it from our friends, Trey and Lesly. Their daughter, Olivia, goes there too. We are not Jewish, but the school is open to all kids so Dylan is allowed to attend and he really loves it. They do a ton of fun and unique enrichment activities with he kids and there are life lessons and some Judaics sprinkled in too. I took Dylan to the Friday Shabbat Sing this week. He doesn’t usually go on Fridays, but sometimes we stop by for the Shabbat Sing anyway. This week Dylan had the honor of carrying the Torah. He didn’t know what was going on, but enjoyed the attention.

Dylan’s teachers stopped us on the way out to give me the beautiful flower seen on the table below and a Shabbat bag to bring home. The flower had a homemade vase and decorative card attached, and was the Mother’s Day gift Dylan made me at school (<3). The Shabbat bag was a duffle bag filled with challah bread, candles, blessings, books, music and so on – basically everything needed to celebrate Shabbat together as a family. The bag is passed around to different families each week at school and we record our experiences celebrating Shabbat in a notebook also included in the bag. The notebook is filled with entries from previous families and was fun to read.

Anyway, Jason read the blessings in Hebrew and was surprisingly good at it. (Forgive me if that is not what they are called, I’m not sure of all the correct terminology.)

IMG_1444 (640x480)

Jason’s Jewish on his father’s side so he was exposed to some Jewish traditions growing up. He seems to have retained the Hebrew.

IMG_1443 (640x480)

Dylan enjoyed exploring the contents of the bag. He wasn’t actually drinking out of this cup, he was just holding it. Also, for the record, the hot dog he is eating is a Hebrew National. (Don’t want you to think we were eating pork and celebrating Shabbat at the same time as I don’t think that would be appropriate, but again, I’m probably screwing it all up anyway.)

IMG_1452 (640x480)

Anyway, all of this Judaism seems to be affecting Dylan, because after dinner he made this powerful declaration…


Oh, and he got a new hat.

IMG_1439 (640x480)


Do you remember when Dylan was battling an ear infection a couple weeks ago? Well, he’s still battling it. It stuck around through two rounds of oral antibiotics, so he had to get injectable ones over the last three days. They seem to be working well, but he has been a little tired and extra cuddly while he recovers. Jason is enjoying the extra cuddles.

IMG_5406 (640x480)

A few words about the following pictures…

These were taken at the doctor’s office on Saturday. Dylan was there to receive his final antibiotic injection. If he were crying because he was in pain or had just received the injection, I would never show you these pictures, but that wasn’t the case. And, for the record, I didn’t take out my camera while he was crying to take these pictures, I had it out and was trying to get a picture of him smiling when he just happened to have this breakdown. Looking at these and seeing the anguish on his face, you would assume he was in terrible pain, though, right?

IMG_1463 (640x480)IMG_1464 (640x480)IMG_1465 (640x480)IMG_1466 (640x480)

Well, no. This meltdown was the result of losing his nearly finished bag of M&Ms. He had less tears for the shot.

Saturday afternoon, while Dylan napped, Jay and I cleaned up a little and then prepared for a cookout with friends. Dylan had a late lunch outside with Jay when he awoke. See our new fence in the background? I hope to paint it white this week.

IMG_1469 (640x480)

The cookout was a great success, thanks to three adorable kids running around. Miss Olivia, for example, brings nothing but joy to a situation!

IMG_5408 (640x480)

Lesly, Davina and Zara:

IMG_5415 (640x480)

Justin and Kendy:

IMG_5425 (640x480)

And here’s Jay, up to his ears in meat.

IMG_5429 (640x480)

It started to rain moments after these pictures were taken, so we moved the party inside to eat.

IMG_1470 (640x480)

IMG_1472 (640x480)

So here’s a funny video. One of Dylan’s favorite activities is to sing one long note and have Jay and I join in. Somehow he corralled the whole table to participate on Saturday:



Sunday was Mother’s Day! There are many wonderful mothers in my life and I am grateful for them all! My own mother, Donna, and Jay’s mom, Roxanne, are both amazing women who make Jay and I feel loved and cared about every day. My grandmother, sisters and many friends are amazing mothers too! There are a lot of children receiving a lot of love in my world, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you to all the moms I love for being wonderful role models for me and the other moms around you!

I celebrated being a mom the best way possible…with Dylan!


Jay watched Dylan in the morning while I went for a nice, long and rejuvenating walk on the Silver Comet Trail. When I got back we packed up for a day-long excursion. Jay had some business to attend to in Decatur, GA, near Stone Mountain, so we went to the mountain to poke around before his work engagement.

Stone Mountain is a scenic theme park with a lot of family activities. We didn’t do anything too grand on this visit, we were more interested in enjoying the weather and just walking around.

IMG_5468IMG_5465 (640x640)

IMG_1483 (640x480)IMG_1496 (480x640)

IMG_5450 (480x640)

This is for my dad, the history buff:

IMG_1485 (640x480)

IMG_5466 (640x640)

(Hey, Mom, Dylan loves his new hat! I think its going to save his skin this summer!)

There is a beautiful wooden playground at Stone Mountain and Dylan really enjoyed exploring it.

IMG_1498 (640x480)

He is turning out to be a great climber!

IMG_5458 (640x480)

The business Jay had to attend to was at a dance studio. He is making a dance and fitness video for a client and had to attend a rehearsal in preparation for the shoot. Dylan and I tagged along. I think Dylan thought it was a dance party in his honor.

IMG_5464 (640x640)

Practicing his moon-walk:

Nobody puts Courtney in a corner, but when people are dancing, she’ll find her way there all by herself. I have exactly zero dancing ability.


Anyway, we stopped by a grocery store on the way home and that’s about it for the day. It was a great day, though my favorite part was snuggling with Dylan while he was falling asleep. I look forward to it every night!

So that was my weekend. Your turn!

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DONNA CUSHING May 13, 2013 at 7:30 pm

I seem to remember you doing a hip hop dance at a recital not that long ago….
I am glad Dylan likes the hat! It seems to fit just right!
Your blog posts are such a gift to me. I truly enjoy reading about your thoughts and how you spend your days. I like how you always go first, too! You make me smile!
You make great challah bread too!


RYDER JACKSON May 16, 2013 at 12:02 am

We need to cach up haven’t seen you guys oh and how do you start a vlog


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