Weekend Recap: Other People’s Pictures

by Courtney Sirotin on July 16, 2012

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I totally forgot to take pictures for this weekend recap until midday Sunday. Luckily, each day of this weekend was marked by a big event where other people were remembering to take pictures, so I have a few to show you anyway!

Dylan and I attended Beth’s wedding shower on Saturday. It was a surprise luncheon at Benedict’s Grill, one of Beth’s favorite lunch spots in Rochester.

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I decided to bring Dylan because I heard there would be other kids there. I was a little nervous that he would be hard to manage at a long lunch but he did surprisingly well! Katie and I barricaded him in on a bench between us so he had room to wiggle around but couldn’t escape. Although, he did try to plow/climb/push past Katie a few times.

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I think she liked the cuddles, even if they were a bit forceful!

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Here’s Dylan’s “I’m a toddler stuck at a bridal shower” face.

photo 3 (5)

The culinary highlight of my week (month?) was this frozen lemon meringue pie. It had a pecan crust and ice cream layer on top of the usual lemon meringue goodness. The meringue layer tasted exactly like a toasted marshmallow. So goooooood.

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The bride sure liked it too!

photo 1 (3) (640x480)

(Shower pics courtesy of Katie Schmidt!)


Sunday we went to Portsmouth for Prescott Park’s summer production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I have fond memories of my mom taking my sisters and me to these outdoor musicals when I was growing up so it was special for me to take Dylan today.

This is the moment on the way to the play when I remembered I needed to take pictures for this recap:

photo 1 (4) (640x480)

If he looks hot in that picture, its because he was. It was so hot today that I reluctantly broke out a pair of shorts for the very first time this summer. I don’t generally like to wear shorts…or skirts…or anything but yoga pants or jeans, but I couldn’t imagine wearing jeans in today’s heat.

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We got to the park with a little time to kill so Dylan ran around and played with some of his cousins.

photo 2 (5) (640x480)

Here he is hanging out with Ryder, who was looking very cool on a whale statue.

photo 3 (4) (640x480)

And here he is with Julia!

photo 4 (5) (640x480)

I’m leaving New Hampshire in one day and while I am BEYOND excited to get home to Jason and see our new house, it definitely makes me sad that Dylan’s going to have to say goodbye to his cousins because he’s become so close to them this summer.

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Watching the play with Dylan was awesome! He was very engaged and sat through almost all of it. Jason has a beautiful voice and did school plays, show choirs and a lot of performing arts growing up, and while I sat there watching Dylan watch the play I got a little choked up thinking that, if someday he becomes a performer like his father, his love of the arts might have started in that moment today.

photo 2 (640x480)

Being a parent is pretty intense. It seems like every day packs so much meaning. I’m so grateful that I get to experience these feelings (even though they sometimes scare me!).

photo 5

Later gators!

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DONNA CUSHING July 16, 2012 at 2:16 am

Being able to share this summer with you and Dylan has been such a wonderful gift! We have made beautiful lasting memories! And it is just the beginning of many yet to come….


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