Weekend Recap: Sit, Sitting, Sat

by Courtney Sirotin on March 3, 2014

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Time for a quick pregnancy update before the weekend recap!

I’ve made it to 34 weeks! This is supposed to be a milestone week in terms of how well the baby would survive outside the womb so I am relived to be here. That said, I can’t imagine getting any bigger!

IMG_6383 (640x480)

I can barely do anything anymore. It doesn’t help that I haven’t worked out in months because that usually keeps my energy up, but at the same time, not working out probably has a lot to do with keeping the baby inside, so its all a good thing in the end. My next goal is getting to Saturday when my mother-in-law, Roxanne, arrives. If I make it that far, I’ll start dreaming about making it to 36 weeks, when Dylan was born. My ultimate goal is 37 weeks…full term.

IMG_6388 (640x480)

My parents left on Friday. Before they left, they took Dylan to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA. Here he is at the museum dressed adorably like a little cowboy.

IMG_6340 (640x480)

And playing checkers by himself:

IMG_6342 (640x480)

My parents enjoyed touring Jay’s new office space and Dylan enjoyed showing them his favorite part of the place: the drums.

IMG_6351 (640x480)

Whenever I film him playing the drums, he sings Happy Birthday to me.

My mom and I took Dylan to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta another day. He hadn’t been since the summer and had a GREAT time (until it was time to go, but that’s a different story). Its fun to see what he takes away from it at various ages.

IMG_6356 (640x480)

IMG_6363 (640x480)

I took Dylan to Chuck E. Cheese after we dropped my family off at the airport. I did it to soften the blow of their departure. It served its purpose and Dylan had fun. It was a good spot for me, too, because there is a lot of seating; a requirement for me these days!

IMG_6371 (640x480)

I thought I’d share the sweet gifts my friend Katie sent Dylan and Levi. She made them big letters (with their initials) to hang on their doors! Dylan loves it and its special for me to look down the hall in each direction and to see where my two boys will soon be sleeping(or staying up all night).

Incidentally, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned what we are naming the baby yet but now you know! Levi Phoenix.

IMG_6343 (640x480)

I will always think of Katie when I see these letters Smile.

IMG_6347 (640x480)


We had to kill some time outside the house on Saturday. We asked Dylan what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go back to the Children’s Museum, so we did! Jay mostly explored it with Dylan while I sat on a bench.

IMG_0199 (640x480)

Here’s a video of Dylan grocery shopping. It looks like he just bought an asparagus spear.

Dylan gardening…with vigor:

IMG_0208 (640x480)

And now more subdued:

IMG_0210 (640x480)

Another video, this time he is tap dancing!

After the children’s museum we got a late lunch at Hankook. Man, their spicy fries are the best and so addictive.

IMG_0245 (640x480)

Dylan agrees:

IMG_0259 (640x640)

After that we went to Jay’s office because he had to pick something up.

IMG_0258 (640x640)

While Dylan drummed, I sat. Am I seriously blogging about sitting again? Yes, yes I am.

IMG_6395 (480x640)


Jay took Dylan to play mini golf with Trey and Olivia Sunday morning while I…um…you know…sat.

I ordered Chinese food for lunch. I figured it would be appropriate to give Levi the fortune cookie and this is what it said:

IMG_6403 (640x480)IMG_6405 (640x480)

I hope he does forever and always.

When Jay and Dylan returned home, Dylan became the most awesome kid alive by deciding to make himself a robot costume out of a strainer, tissue boxes and a bat mobile.

IMG_6415 (640x480)

Here he is in video form:

Lastly, we went grocery shopping later in the day. Jay took this intriguing video of the conveyor belt as we were checking out. I wish it was someone else’s conveyor belt, though, because then I would find it truly fascinating. I love seeing what people put in their grocery carts!

That’s all the news from here for now!

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KATIE March 3, 2014 at 3:36 pm

Great, now I am craving french fried! 🙂 Cannot WAIT to meet Levi!


KATIE March 3, 2014 at 3:36 pm

French fries. Sigh. 🙂


DONNA CUSHING March 6, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all! I miss you. I love the pregnant pictures! So amazing!


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