Weekend Recap: Waterlogged

by Courtney Sirotin on July 8, 2013

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Our long fourth of July weekend is wrapping up as I sit here Sunday night and write this. We didn’t venture too far from home all weekend but we kept busy anyway. It was a little bittersweet for me because I tend to really miss my family around holidays, even little ones like the fourth of July, because they always get together and celebrate and I know Dylan would love it. But then, I try to keep it all in perspective. Jay is so close to making some of his life long dreams come true here in Atlanta so this is where we need to be right now and maybe, hopefully, someday we will be closer to my family. Can you tell I haven’t been home in a long time? I always get really sentimental if I don’t make it home to visit regularly! Luckily, I have a trip planned for the end of the month!

There are a few cool things about our small family being all by ourselves here. For one thing, we’re always together so we definitely spend a lot of time bonding. There’s no one around to watch Dylan for a few hours here or there (unless we book a baby sitter in advance, which we don’t do that often), so he goes everywhere that I go and most of the places that Jay goes too (outside of work hours, that is). We are pretty much all up in each other’s grills and I think that makes us pretty darn tight, and Dylan’s becoming well-versed in the ways of the world because he is involved in everything.

Thursday and Friday

I guess the weekend sort of started on Thursday because it was the fourth of July and Jay had the rest of the week off. We actually didn’t do anything patriotic or fun because it’s been raining for a week straight here and all the fourth of July festivities and fireworks were canceled.

But I made really good cookies on Thursday morning (recipe coming soon!).

cookies (615x612)

Our garbage disposal broke along with a pipe under the sink which caused a huge, wet, dirty mess on the kitchen floor. Jay didn’t trust me to remember not to use the broken side of the sink so he taped it off. (Probably a good idea.)

Capture (613x615)

Dylan adores Playmobil’s and got two new ones recently. He likes to balance their little pieces on the blinds around our house. He has a very steady hand.

IMG_2361 (640x480)IMG_2360 (640x480)

Thursday and Friday are running together for me so I’m just going to include the pictures I have from those two days in no particular order. Dylan had his last day of summer camp on Friday so Jay and I used those hours to have a date at Jay’s gym where he taught me how to play racquet ball, but I don’t have any pictures of that. (Thank God, because I spent most of our court time dodging the ball.)

Jay never actually stops working, so there was a point where we had to go to his office while he took a meeting.

Dylan loves the video for the song Fireflies by Owl City so we watched it on a loop in Jay’s office.

IMG_6124 (640x480)

Dylan adores spending time at Jay’s work. There are so many tempting buttons. Plus, its that mysterious place where his dad is always running off to.

IMG_6131 (640x480)

A couple other things of note include Dylan eating his first package of Smarties:

And a very, very wet trip to the pool.

IMG_2364 (640x480)

How do we always end up swimming in the middle of a downpour?

At some point we had a good meal at Taco Mac Sports Grill, but it was a little stressful because Dylan remembered there was a place to get milkshakes nearby and wouldn’t enter the restaurant until I got him one.

milkshake (612x612)

(The whole ordeal required Jay to get a special drink too, except his was on the rocks!)

Two more quick videos! Here’s a cute one of Dylan declaring he wants to play race cars…

And here’s one of Dylan trolling Jay. Whenever Jay says, “Dylan loves ____”, and let’s Dylan fill in the blank, Dylan says, “Mama”. Jay acts very offended and Dylan thinks its hysterical. Dylan has been doing this to Jay for many months so now its just routine for him to say, “Mama” when Jay asks him who he loves. He doesn’t even think its hysterical anymore, its just habit to diss Jay.


Dylan made his grandmother (my mom) a birthday card Saturday morning. It involved a lot of glitter! Glitter is so beautiful, isn’t it? I think it should be a normal thing in society to toss it around for decoration. A little in your hair, a little on the sidewalks…a sprinkle here, a sprinkle there. Let’s glitterize the world!

IMG_2368 (640x480)

Jay and I took turns exercising. He and Dylan played Play-doh…

IMG_6142 (640x480)

While I strolled on the Silver Comet Trail and listened to an audiobook. I’m halfway through the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. I love detective novels.

IMG_2370 (640x480)

When I returned, Jay went to play racquet ball and then when he returned he took Dylan to a party at our friends’ house while I stayed home and cleaned. Although, to be honest, I laid down for a minute after they left and ended up falling asleep!

But don’t worry, I still got to clean. I did the laundry while Dylan took his bath (see him through the door?) and cleaned the rest of the house when he was asleep. Jay stayed at the party for some R & R so I took my time and cleaned while listening to my audiobook. When I’m by myself, I pretty much am always listening to an audiobook.

IMG_2374 (640x480)


I made another batch of those cookies I mentioned earlier (they were a hit!) Sunday morning.

IMG_2385 (640x480)

Then Jay, Dylan and I went for a walk on the Silver Comet Trail. In the rain, of course. We must like to get soaked as a family.

IMG_6151 (640x480)

We passed our friends Jase, Davina and Zara  riding their bikes on the trail. When we got back to our car I checked my cell phone and saw a bunch of missed messages from our friends Trey, Lesly and Olivia saying they had their Slip N’ Slide set up if we wanted to come by. Turns out Jase, Davina and Zara were on their way to the Slip N’ Slide when we passed them.

IMG_2394 (640x480)

It was raining the whole time Dylan played slipped and slid,  but he didn’t care. All the kids (and adults) were shivering but enjoy themselves anyway.

After that, we drove home, showered quickly, then went back out to get lunch and run a few errands. We decided to try a new (to us) steakhouse called Stoney River Legendary Steaks. It’s attached to a mall so I figured it would be pretty laid back but it was fancier then I expected inside. It was actually quite beautiful.


Jay decided it would be a good place to take clients instead of the equally fancy, but way more expensive, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The steak was just as good.


It was pouring rain (still) on our way into the restaurant, so despite having just showered and changed into dry clothes, I was soaked again when I got to sit down. I just couldn’t get fully dry this weekend!

Dylan and I played with one of his Playmobils while we waited for the food to arrive.

IMG_6164 (640x480)

I snapped some pictures of the food. Here are the rolls…which were fresh out of the oven. They were crisp and buttery on the outside but soft and smooshy on the inside.

IMG_6184 (640x480)

Dylan’s chicken tenders and French fries (aka the only thing he eats at a restaurant):

IMG_6169 (640x480)

My chicken salad:

IMG_6172 (640x480)

Jay’s steak:

IMG_6174 (640x480)

Cuddles for dessert for me!

IMG_6178 (640x480)

Ice cream for Dylan:


After lunch, Jay ran into Lowes to grab a few things, including a little tool box for Dylan! Dylan loves reading a book called Toolbox Twins about a father and son with matching tool boxes, so Jay wanted to surprise him with a real one of his own. Dylan has a lot of play tools already but he never wants them. When he wants to play with tools, he seeks out the real ones.

IMG_6189 (640x480)

Jay filled the box with this set of tools (minus the razor) and a few other things, like a very powerful mini flashlight that Dylan ended up taking to bed with him. When we got home, I read Dylan Toolbox Twins and when I was done, Jay handed him his toolbox. He was pumped!

IMG_6190 (640x480)

We also finally planted a little sunflower sprout that Dylan brought home from preschool over a month ago. It was supposed to be planted soon after he brought it home but I kept putting it off. It was making me so sad watching it struggle to survive on our kitchen windowsill, so I’m really happy that Jay thought to pick up the potting supplies at Lowe’s!

Dylan does a lot of gardening at school, so he knew about the whole process and gave Jay a few tips.

IMG_2411 (640x480)

“See Dada, now you have to pat it down…”

IMG_2414 (640x480)

IMG_2415 (640x480)

IMG_2416 (640x480)

Dylan’s favorite part of planting the flower was watering it. He didn’t want to stop but it started to rain so we went back inside. The way its been raining here lately, getting enough water won’t be a problem for this little sunflower. I just hope it gets some sun one of these days. (We all need some!)

IMG_2420 (640x480)

And that’s the gist of our weekend. Now we are gearing up for next weekend, which will be extra special because Dylan’s Grammy Roxanne (Jay’s mom) is coming to visit!

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SARAH July 9, 2013 at 12:54 am

I think we have had your sun here… until today anyway! I would love to see you and have Dylan and the boys play together when you are home. Maybe we could meet up some weekend at the playground? Miss you


COURTNEY SIROTIN July 17, 2013 at 2:02 am

I am all about a play date. Let’s plan it!


CAROL GLOSKI July 9, 2013 at 2:35 pm

I loved the smarties video!! Dylan looks disgusted at the taste yet comes back for more!!! I loved his little nibbles! For all the rain you had, we had sun and humidity!!! The boys here have been spending all their time in the pool to keep cool!!


BRIAN July 10, 2013 at 12:58 am

Your weekend seems so packed! Looks like fun, though. Especially when you slipped & slid. 🙂

I miss you guys! Rub Dylan’s head for me!


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