Weekend Recap: Zzzzzzz

by Courtney Sirotin on November 12, 2012

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Last night (Saturday) Dylan slept a total of two hours. I’m seriously not exaggerating either. He had (has) a cough and every time he would start to fall asleep he’d cough and wake back up. When Dylan is awake, I am awake, so it was a long, restless night for us both! But I’m jumping ahead…


Our neighborhood had a Fall festival this weekend with inflatables, games, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. I volunteered to help set it up, so I assembled popcorn and cotton candy machines in the morning and then Jay and Dylan joined me for some morning fun with our neighbors.

IMG_3864 (640x480)

Dylan had a blast. He and a bunch of other kids his age climbed this one inflatable and went down its slide over and over and over again for a good hour.

IMG_6033 (640x480)

Back home, Dylan napped and I ran out to the grocery store. When he was up we read books for a bit and then we all headed back out to go for a family bike ride. Well, I biked and pulled Dylan while Jay rollerbladed.

IMG_6035 (640x480)

My boyz:

IMG_6037 (640x480)

Then we offset any calories we burned exercising with giant frozen yogurts from SubZero. Smile

IMG_3867 (640x480)

A picture of Jay taking a picture to show that Dylan lives a very well-documented life:

IMG_6040 (640x480)

After yogurts we went to Jay’s office so that he could pick something up but we ended up staying a while because Dylan was having fun playing with equipment, especially a megaphone that he loved talking into. It was cute because he hardly ever talks but he was quite vocal on the megaphone.

IMG_3877 (640x480)


Jason and I are starting a new documentary project together and this morning was our first shoot for it. I was running on no sleep (and boy can you tell in these pictures!) but I didn’t want to miss out. I left Dylan for just two hours with his babysitter and went with Jay to record our subjects. Here I am helping set up a confessional with our friend and cameraman, Brandon (same guy who designed my header!).

IMG_3878 (640x480)


IMG_3879 (640x480)


IMG_6050 (640x480)

More details on the project will follow…but for now, I leave you with this teaser:

IMG_3892 (640x640)


Jay had a big pitch meeting this afternoon:

(Stole that off his phone!)

While Jay was movin’ and shakin’, I took Dylan to Old Navy and then to the park just to get him out of the house. His nap was also unsuccessful today but he was in a good mood anyway and we had fun while we were out. I’m a firm believer that its important to leave the house at least once every day.

IMG_6054 (640x480)

Dylan fell in love with this Hello Kitty stuffed animal at Old Navy. I kind of loved watching him play with her all afternoon. He was very sweet to her and gave her rides on the slides and swings, helped her climb and shared his snacks.

IMG_6055 (640x480)

And then he spent a while squeezing his little body through the bars of a bike rack…and I thought it was weird/cute so I’m sharing with you!


Off to *hopefully* catch some of those elusive “Zzzzzzzzs” now!

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DONNA November 12, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Dylan is so squeezable cute! I just want to reach into my monitor and love him up! It looks like an interesting project you are starting. I can’t wait to hear about it! Jay looks great at his sales pitch. Hope it was successful. Hope Dylan is feeling better and that you all can get some rest. You have a lot of festivals in Georgia. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing about your weekend! I miss you!Sending love….


CAROL GLOSKI November 12, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Your neighborhood/town sounds great!! Lots of things to do and see!! So nice to see your neighborhood getting together and everyone having fun!!


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