What’s App-ening Wednesday: Toddler Music JukeBox

by Courtney Sirotin on September 18, 2013

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I have a bit of a throwback app for you today. I first downloaded this app well over a year ago, maybe even two years ago. I wouldn’t have thought to share it with you guys now except for two reasons:

1) At three years old and not even a toddler anymore, Dylan still enjoys it, so I know it has staying power.

2) Whenever I hear the music from this app it stirs up a warm and fuzzy memory for me. Its unusual to say that about an app, so maybe this app is noteworthy enough to share.

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The is a very, very simple app. There are no animations or games, just a very toddler-friendly user interface to play toddler music. The app features twelve songs performed on the guitar and sung by John Simon, a renowned New York children’s artist with more than 20 years of experience singing to and with children as well as teaching music in schools. Children sing along on many of the songs on this app.

The song list is as follows:

Wheels on the Bus
Old McDonald had a farm (classic with a twist)
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
Working on the Railroad.
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Itsy, bitsy spider
Miss Mary Mack
Over in the Meadow
Word by Word (a John Simon original)


Like I said, the interface is easy for a toddler to manipulate. The screen contains simple controls and icons to represent the different song choices. For example, Wheels on the Bus is represented by a picture of a bus. A child touches the icon for the song they want to hear and the song plays. As the song plays, the icon travels along an arc across the screen which provides a simple focal point if your child wants to look at the screen.

Kids can pick each song as they go or the music can play continuously or on a shuffle. You can set the jukebox to play in the background of your phone or through speakers. It functions basically like an iPod, but with limited songs.

So now that you know about the app, I’d like to share my warm and fuzzy memory with you!

It was a summer day in New England and I was outside on my parents’ deck with Dylan. Dylan was going through a stage where he really liked to pour water in and out of cups so I had set up a water station on the deck. The weather was perfect, the birds were chirping, Dylan was happily splashing around in water and the music from Toddler Music Jukebox was playing in the background. We kept the music playing continuously and throughout the course of our time outside we really got to know each of the songs. Dylan danced to the music and I sang along (particularly enjoying the Word by Word song). To this day, when I hear this app playing, I am transported to that simple summer day playing outside with Dylan and it fills me with happy emotions.

The nitty gritty: Toddler Music JukeBox is compatible with iPhones and iPads. It costs $1.99 and can be downloaded here. Early-learning app publisher, Tipitap, has many other fun and educational apps available including additional jukebox apps such as Toddler Classical JukeBox and Christmas JukeBox which can be downloaded here and here, respectively. Check out the rest of their collection on their website!


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DONNA CUSHING September 21, 2013 at 1:55 am

I bought the app! I think so many of our memories are triggered by music. If a song is playing when we have a moment, we are brought back to that place whenever we hear the song again. Music is so powerful. Remember “it’s a gift to be simple?” Or the house that built me? Or The Right Stuff?


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