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by Courtney Sirotin on June 17, 2014

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Ahoy! Its been awhile. I was on vacation last week, home for a couple of days and then back on the road. I am writing from my parents’ h0use in New Hampshire where my family is finally getting to meet Levi. So far they all seem pleased with him. I hope he doesn’t screw it up. 😉

I’m excited to share pictures from our vacation last week! We went to Tybee Island, just outside of Savannah. It turned out to be extraordinary because we were upgraded from an awesome rental house to a phenomenal rental house. You may recall that last year we vacationed on Tybee and stayed in this place, one of the many rental properties run by Oceanfront Cottage Rentals. We had such an amazing experience at that house that I booked the exact same one again this year. Well, a couple days before we were due to arrive, I got a call that they had to do some work on the unit and would I mind an upgrade. Um, no…I certainly wouldn’t mind. I actually thought maybe the upgrade had something to do with my blog post from last year, but we drove by the place where we were going to stay and they were indeed doing work on it so this really was just a nice gesture from the rental company. All of that is to say, we were basically put in a mini-mansion sitting right on the sea…

Just check out these pictures of the place! It was three stories and had everything from a theater room to a deck pool and an elevator all for our personal use. I can’t believe our luck. I mean, the place could’ve easily housed twenty people (there were bedrooms around every corner).

House Tour of 2 Waterside Walk on Tybee Island:

I am receiving nothing to promote the place but I am too impressed by Oceanfront Cottage Rentals not to. If you are going to vacation on Tybee Island, book your stay through Oceanfront Cottage Rentals. They are so legit. The prices are insanely reasonable and you get a beautifully maintained place chock full of amenities. We stayed in one of their nicest properties this visit, but last year, when we stayed in one of their regular properties, we had just as good of an experience with them. The places are stocked with everything you need and are so clean, bright and beachy. The only things you need to bring are clothes and groceries!

Because I live with a videographer, I also have some great videos of the place. Maybe someone looking for a luxurious place to stay on Tybee will stumble on this post and appreciate these videos…

Here’s the main floor:

The media room, also on the main floor:

Third floor master bedroom:

The walk from from the house to the beach:

And now the walk from the beach to the house:

We spend a lot of time together at home, but family vacations are so, so important. You bond in a whole different way. I am glad we picked a mellow vacation and didn’t plan too many outings. We enjoyed the house, beach and each other and that was enough.








Our friends, Savvy and Bridget, joined us for part of our stay. We stayed with them at a mountain house earlier this year so it was fitting to have them with us at the beach house. They are good people to vacation with for a lot of reasons, including having extra hands on deck when Dylan is having one of his legendary freak outs. One such freak out occurred moments after this picture was taken. I wasn’t there but was told that a nice fisherman let Dylan wear his gloves (as seen below, at a bait shop) and Dylan didn’t want to give them back or something like that.


Here, Jay and Savvy are working together to get Dylan out of his self-imposed distress. I guess they tried to shock him out of his mood with a selfie? That poor little guy…just look at that face! They were in the car trying to coax him into his car seat for a very…long…time. It must have worked because everyone was smiling by the time I saw them again.


I love spending the morning on the beach and then getting lunch outside while I’m still salty and sandy. Almost all pictures of me have this nursing cover in them these days.


While going through these pictures, I noticed that Dylan and I have the exact same furrowed brows when we concentrate.


Backtracking a little, here are some pictures from the day we arrived and we took Levi to see the ocean for the very first time.



Here’s a video of Levi’s first time in the ocean:

He loved it. He was very calm and soothed by the beach. He really loves the outdoors in general. Any time I take him outside he immediately settles and soothes.


Here I am with my boys:

We used this pop-up tent whenever we were on the beach with Levi. This picture was taken on the day we left our section of the beach and drove to the section where we stayed last year because the waves are bigger there. As you can see, Levi is shaded and napping in the bouncer inside the tent. There was a nice breeze and he slept well in there. Jay and I took turns staying with him and going in the water with Dylan. The water was so warm and inviting!


And the nursing cover again…






I just love, love, love, love the following two videos of Dylan on the beach. They are quintessential home video material.

And this one..

After five nights, we headed back home. Driving is so not fun. Here we are pulled off a random exit for a nursing session. Don’t we look thrilled to be in the car?


Levi, as you can see, was very put out by it all.


Growing up, with the exception of one-offs to places like Disneyland, my parents took my sisters and me to Virginia Beach every year (In fact, we are going again later this summer!). As I got older, I started to wonder why we always went to the same place, but now that I have a family of my own and have been to Tybee Island with them for two years in a row, I can totally see us making this a yearly tradition. I’m tempted to book my stay for next year right now. There is something really pleasant about getting to know a place and sharing it with your kids.

Anyway, to end on a comical note, here’s a cute video of Dylan caught jammin’ out in the car:

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