TMI? Maybe?

by Courtney Sirotin on September 12, 2012

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Remember when my throat was gushing blood the other day? Turns out I didn’t injure it on a Saltine as I had suspected, but on a scorching cup of coffee. I’ve mentioned before that I like my coffee hotter than hell, and now, as always, I’m paying the price for taking something to an extreme.

The dentist was shocked when I showed him my injury. He said it was a severe burn and that I cannot eat or drink anything hot until its fully healed. I am restraining from showing you a picture of my mutilated throat for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I could never take it back because we all know that pictures on the internet never really go away.

In other news, I’ve been REALLY into eye shadow lately! You know how I got new makeup? Well, I decided it was time to stop being clueless about how to apply eye shadow and to start watching videos on the topic. A quick search of YouTube yields an endless collection of video tutorials by makeup artists. I only needed to watch three to get the drift and one in particular was especially – pardon the pun – eye opening because I discovered that I have hooded eyes! Having hooded eyes requires a completely different approach to eye shadow than the majority of the population and I never knew! For years I’ve been secretly trying to do a “smokey eye” and failing and now I know its because I have to apply my “lid” color much higher than is customary – all the way up to my brow bone – instead of stopping at my crease. It’s only a centimeter difference, but oddly significant.

Armed with this new knowledge I’ve been rummaging through my makeup graveyard (that box or drawer all women have filled with the makeup they never wear) and have pulled out quite a few color palettes I’ve previously dismissed out of hand. Now that I know what I am doing a bit more I find myself wanting to experiment with pinks, greens, purples and – gasp – even some neutrals!

The last unimportant thing I’ll share tonight is a challenge I’m giving myself to dedicate my time during Dylan’s naps towards being ultra productive for the next 30 days. I usually exercise during his naps two days in a row and then take a day off to be productive, but lately I haven’t been able to get everything I need to done each week so I’m forcing myself to put fitness on the backburner for the next month in exchange for getting ahead in other important ways. I know some people will roll their eyes at this proclamation, but if you know me you know that working out is my release/mood stabilizer so its really going to be hard!

Since I don’t have any pictures in this post, Ill include the YouTube video that changed the way I view eye makeup. This won’t interest you unless you have hooded eyes, but if you do, you’re welcome.

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KELLY September 13, 2012 at 1:25 am

Sounds painful! 🙁 We are so much alike. As soon as my coffee is done, I put it in the microwave for a least a minute and it is scalding hot.. I found myself admitting this to a coworker yesterday after she said she liked her coffee hot. Thought maybe she could relate, but she grimaced at me and asked if it burns me. I just shrugged because she doesn’t get it. Only my sister gets it. Do I have hooded eyes? See you soon!!!!


COURTNEY September 13, 2012 at 1:30 am

I actually was wondering if you and Alana have hooded eyes. I know mom and grammy do. I’ll check when I get home…tomorrow! And, yes, I DO understand about the coffee. Even now, when it is dangerous to my health to keep drinking it hot, I kinda can’t stop.


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